6 Ways to Keep Students Active with Tutor LMS During COVID-19

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The world has witnessed a drastic change over the last few months due to COVID-19’s impact. It has changed our lifestyle dramatically and pushed us to get along with the new normal. As a result of this massive disruption, it left the education industry with no choice but to run online.

And, now it’s no secret that the future of education largely lies in online learning systems, thanks to technology for keeping this sector alive. We are also trying our best with Tutor LMS to ensure a full-fledged eLearning solution. Though online education is a blessing during this standstill, this sudden shift can be a challenge for many participants.

However, it’s not unusual to have a feel of isolation and low cognitive spirit as it has now become a long term deal. To make the homestay more cheerful and to keep your students motivated without turning monotone, you can bring some interesting changes, and updates to your course.

Today, we’re here with some amazing benefits of Tutor LMS. Utilizing these will surely keep your students energized during this pandemic. 

So, without further ado let’s jump right in.

Some Common Challenges Students Face with Online Study

While online classes are designed to support education, a lot of students find it difficult to concentrate and can easily get distracted. Here are some common issues that your students are more likely to experience:

  • Adapting to the new changes
  • Difficulties in time management
  • Anxiety for uncertainties
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Poor interaction
  • Facing technical difficulties (online course materials, equipment, internet connectivity)

Tutor LMS’ Approaches to Win Over These Challenges

The challenges mentioned above are common for most of the students. But with the right approach, you can easily overcome these challenges. Let’s see what Tutor LMS can do to help you out.

Interactive Online Courses

Interactive Online Courses

Creating an interactive online course with Tutor LMS is easier. Besides PowerPoint slides and basic pages, you get the option to offer videos, as well as audio course elements. To ensure student engagement and participation, try to add stuff like animations, customized audio, and interactive graphic elements. As people have a multitude of options available, you should pay attention to the overall course design, and content quality too. Also, in order to avoid invariability, do not stick to just one type of course method only.

Challenging Quizzes

Tutor LMS supported Quiz format

Quizzes are an effective option to assess knowledge and help them learn something better. Tutor LMS offers 10 types of quiz options. These wide choices ensure that your students do not get bored with the repetitive quiz pattern while making it more challenging. On top of that, randomization features, timer options are there to increase the challenge to a great extent among your students. If any student retakes a quiz then they will get a new set of questions every time. Overall, you can ensure a unique and fun approach to learning.

Regular Assignments


Scheduled classes and quizzes are not enough to teach something in-depth about a subject. Meaningful & effective assignments and projects are valuable to keep your students active. To keep students occupied out of the class, you can assign regular assignments to them. You’ll get the create an assignment option with each of the courses you have created with custom setting features.

In addition to it, there are also advanced features like attachments, time duration, upload files, setting up custom grading scale, assignment resubmission, and so on. Once you upload the assignment, students will be notified about it in their playlist and begin their task by simply clicking the start assignment submit option. Apart from that to make the process even more simplified for your students, an assignment form is available there to write their answers and an option for uploading files.

Introduce Gamification

Tutor LMS and GamiPress installation

Isn’t it fun when we complete a certain level of any game and get points? How interesting would it be if you use that in your courses? Surely, it will make your courses more interactive for the students. Upon completion of any level of a course, achievement, or milestone, you can offer students digital rewards like points, badges, ranks just like some games do. Moreover, you can set the unlock achievements feature, various levels of achievement steps, point types, and many more- all using Tutor LMS and its integrations.  

Implement Content Drip


Introduce a more systematic way to access your course with the Content Drip option. You can set prerequisites, make course contents available sequentially, and assign custom accessibility of your course contents like lessons, quizzes, assignments, and others. Also, having this option enabled you can increase the appeal of your courses and get better performance among your students. As your students will get step by step access to the courses and based on fulfilling certain conditions, it will help them evaluate current progress, and reach their goal with a better outcome.

Build a Community & Forum Discussions

Integration of BuddyPress with Tutor LMS

The enforced isolation, lockdown, and social distancing have increased the level of stress & anxiety among people. As it has put restrictions on our outdoor activities and face-to-face interaction, people started getting sick and tired. More and more people are preferring social media communication tools. We’re already seeing a record-breaking surge in social media apps around the world. 

Luckily, Tutor LMS offers the BuddyPress integration to design a better communication process. It has made online communication, and discussion much easier. With its features like discussion, instant live chat, forum, social communities, messaging, and notification, your students will get the scope to stay closer to you as well as amongst themselves. At the same time, it will make their learning more effective, delightful, and have a positive impact on building social networking skills. 

Wrapping Up

COVID-19 has become an issue of long uncertainty. As none of us know exactly how long we have to deal with it, it’s better to make your students prepared with online classes. Ensuring a fun and interactive online learning experience will surely be a silver lining in this struggling time. We’ve tried to offer a solution with Tutor LMS which will certainly keep your students’ mental health sound and fine.

Do let us know what challenges you are facing and how you are solving them. We all are together in this. We will overcome it. Best wishes. 

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