All of our themes are compatible with Gutenberg editor!

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WordPress 5.0 is now officially in action and so is the new default editor- Gutenberg.

There are a lot of minor changes in your website that you need to make if you choose to use the Gutenberg editor. Luckily, Themeum helps you tick off one thing from your Gutenberg to-do list.

Themes from Themeum are now completely compatible with Gutenberg. So all the sites that you’re planning to build with our themes or have done so in the past will work perfectly with the new default editor.

A short overview of Gutenberg

In case you’re not familiar with Gutenberg and it’s basic functions, here’s a quick review.

Gutenberg is the new WordPress default editor that takes the approach to editing on a block-based level. You can place your content in blocks and place them accordingly. This is a much more refreshing and visual approach in contrast with the TinyMCE editor.

There are blocks for a wide range of activities such as paragraphs, images, videos and so much more.

There are quite a few advantages when using Gutenberg such as:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • Visual editing experience
  • Avoid shortcodes
  • Enable content from plugins
  • Mobile-friendly blocks (edit on the go!)

If you want to know a full on depth idea on whether your website is ready for WordPress 5.0, click here.

Why use Gutenberg compatible themes?

There are quite a few great reasons why your theme should be Gutenberg compatible. To bring the best of your website’s visuals to your users, your theme needs to be compatible with Gutenberg.

At Themeum we explored in details on how all our themes can work with Gutenberg when making it compatible.

Frontend visuals

One of the cool things about Gutenberg is that you get a more vivid visual editing experience. So you can see the changes as you go and get a better perspective on what you’re including in your website. When your themes are compatible with Gutenberg, the editing experience becomes better as well as you see changes exactly as how they appear. There are three main reasons why Gutenberg compatible themes are great for frontend visuals:

  1. The width of the content will look exactly how it appears on the WordPress site.
  2. The typography choices stay same in Gutenberg as well.
  3. No color, background or image changes in the theme will be changed.

Styling options

A huge part of why theme compatibility is important is because of how it will affect the media options with Gutenberg so that it’s coherent with the rest of your theme.

Since all the Themeum themes are Gutenberg supported, all the images, gallery, files and any block that you place from Gutenberg will match the rest of your theme.

Full width alignment

Gutenberg has some blocks in it that allow full width alignment. This means that you can view the block throughout the entire width of the site. These blocks include images, gallery, posts and more.

When your theme is supported with Gutenberg, it means you can enjoy the full width alignment right away without having to make any alterations.

All your previous theme settings are safe!

Our themes not only allow you to get better changes for the future in Gutenberg. In addition, they enable all your settings in the Themeum themes to stay exactly how they were previously. So, no need to worry about losing your customizations with the new WordPress editor.

Looking for the perfect Gutenberg compatible theme?

All of our themes are completely Gutenberg supported!

So here we made a list of our top 10 themes built with keeping the recent market trends in mind and every niche. We aim to make sure there’s a theme for every website in our Themeum website, so be sure to check them out!

  • Eventco- Eventco is a specially designed functional event WordPress theme for meetup, workshop, conference, seminar, exhibition, and all other kind of event websites.
  • Caritas- Caritas is the perfect choice for charity firm, NGO, crowdfunding bureau, free school, child care, environmental protection, religion or any other social charity website.
  • Rhino- A portfolio ready multipurpose business WordPress theme to represent your company, creative agency or corporate house smartly.
  • Patrios- This stand-alone WordPress crowdfunding theme offers rich and advanced functionalities for easier site management and smoother campaign operation.
  • Floox- Floox is a multipurpose WordPress theme for any kind of company, corporate agency, and business sites.
  • Zephyr- This agency WordPress theme is made for marketing, advertising, and digital agencies, creative firms, and other business entities.
  • Backer- The theme offers all necessary features and functionalities to launch successful fundraising campaigns for companies, agencies, and different businesses.
  • Starter Pro- Starter Pro takes the onepage website building system to a new dimension. You can build richly satisfying and utterly engrossing professional websites at the easiest effort with Starter Pro.
  • Fitgym- Fitgym is built for gymnasium, sport club, fitness center, yoga athlete, trainer, coach, and all other relevant websites.
  • Flat Theme Pro- Flat Theme Pro is a lightweight WordPress theme that helps you create a business website, corporate pages or personal site easily.

What do you think of the new Gutenberg editor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!
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