Meet Branding Agency: A Free & Delicate Starter Pack of Qubely Pro

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Agency businesses are rapidly expanding. Not to mention, it will continue to flourish as more and more organizations are dependent on them for their services. 

If you’re already in this business you’ve probably understood that you need to be extraordinary with your work to cut through the noise and grow your business. Also, another important aspect here would be your website.

Whether you’re a newly formed agency or already in the field if you can showcase the right website it can unlock a ton of opportunities on your way. 

We understand that while working for clients it’s hard to catch up with your own promotional effort. To make your hard work simpler, today we’re here with “Branding Agency”, a ready to go solution to strengthen your brand.

To save your time, money, and make your business one and only we’ve crafted this pack in a style that fulfills every type of communication and makes your every piece of work highly visible.

Excited? Well, we promise this starter pack built with Qubely’s highly functional and designer-friendly Gutenberg blocks will blow your mind and you won’t be disappointed.

So, without further ado let’s get started!

What Exclusive Features are There Inside Branding Agency

Often a website is the first thing that people tend to consider before initiating any action. Especially, for an agency, a unique and influential online presence matters to a significant extent to keep the audience interested. With all of this in mind, we’ve designed our branding agency starter pack with such style and actions so you can attract new clients and build brand credibility for your business.

Let’s have a quick look at its special features below:

  • Neat & polished design
  • Fresh & pleasing background
  • Impressive hero section
  • Approachable CTA’s
  • Exclusive portfolio section
  • Simple & specific contact us form

Pages to Explore with Branding Agency

The Branding Agency starter packs contain all the tools you need to showcase your online presence. With its intuitive content structure, and visually appealing design you can keep every essential information handy for your audience. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to use and you do not require a single line of code to implement this.

Here is an in-depth preview of each of its pages below:

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Services
  4. Case Study
  5. Contact Us


As an agency, you must show the world that you have interesting things to share. We’ve set things here in a contemporary style so it takes your business off the ground. As soon as your website viewer lands on your homepage they will be attracted to an awesome animated hero section. Also, there is a gallery, specialty highlights, CTA’s, contact us, and more that are elegantly displayed throughout the homepage.

About Us

Your agency needs to make a good impression on potential clients before establishing a client-agency relationship. Prioritizing this fact, we’ve put the hero section, your specialties, key selling points on this page in a manner so it can tell the best visual story about you in front of your audience. 


Our main focus along with this page was to help customers get their required information and convince them of the benefits of your services. Sporting an innovative style of displaying your offered services along with key highlights of the service details and contact us button, it’s all set to increase your sales opportunities.

Case Study

This could be the most influential page for your website. When looking to impress potential clients, a well-presented page consists of some of your notable works that can do wonders. You just put your finest work along with image, title, and redirect links and improve your chances of bringing more qualified leads in a relatively short period.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page takes a more simplified and straightforward approach of connecting with your audience. Starting from contact email, physical office address, google map, and finally a self-explanatory contact us form we’ve kept every required piece of information to the point so your audience doesn’t face any difficulties on their routes to reach you.

How to Access The Branding Agency Starter Pack?

Every Qubely Pro user can access this “Branding Agency” starter pack for free. To begin using it, all you need to do is update to the latest version of Qubely Pro. After that, add a new page and click “Import Layout” at the top. Now, search for the Branding Agency starter pack, select a page and click “Import”. For every page, repeat the same steps. After that, add your custom images and text to the pages to truly make it your own.

Wrapping Up

Your website needs more than a coherent look to attract your audience.We’ve ensured with the Branding Agency that your business doesn’t need to strive to connect with its prospects. If you’re operating some sort of agency businesses, why not put your hands on this specialized Qubely Starter Pack and up your game even further?

If you have any thoughts on our today’s article, let us know. We look forward to seeing your opinion on the comment section!