Meet Consultant: A Free and General-Purpose Starter Pack for Qubely Pro

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Consultant Starter Pack Banner

The demand for consultancy related services continues to expand for individual, SME, and big size enterprises. At the same time, it has opened up new doors of opportunities for consultant professionals as well.

If you too, being a professional consultant help other businesses to grow then a website could be a great tool here to let everyone know about your work, and bring a result-driven outcome.

To simplify your life today we’re here with another freshly launched Qubely starter pack, “Consultant.” It’s suitable for all kinds of consultants, consultancy firms, and developers finding ways to create a winsome online presence.

So, for those wanting to signify their consultancy service among their contenders, and potential clients without further ado let’s jump into today’s article.

Highlighted Features of Consultant Starter Pack

Crafting a powerful website for consultancy service is crucial. You need to prove your worth to make it convincing to your potential clients. In addition to having everything you need to showcase your awesome service and solutions, this starter pack of Qubely has some interactive features too to engage people with your activities.

Now let’s have a sneak peek of some of its notable features below:

  • Professional & clutter-free design
  • Collaborative elements
  • Smart & flexible navigation
  • Responsive pages & quick load time
  • Front-load and attention-grabbing testimonial
  • Complete case study page
  • Dedicated service page
  • Perfect fit for 360-degree solutions

Pages Inside the Consultant Starter Pack

The pages inside the consultant have been designed considering the modern design trend and features. All the pages here ensure that it guides the users in the right direction so you can end up ensuring them a better user experience and up your game even further.

You’ll get to see the following pages inside the consultant starter pack:

  1. Home
  2. Services
  3. About
  4. Pricing
  5. Case Study
  6. Case Study Details
  7. Contact

Now, let’s have a detailed glimpse to each of the pages below:


The homepage of the consultant starter pack paints a vibrant picture of your business with interactive features. In a nutshell, loading up with a striking hero section, unique selling points highlights, a glimpse of your client list, a fascinating testimonial, appointment CTA, and many more interesting segments the page truly speaks for your overall business.


The service page not only enables the users to have a quick look at your services, it also reflects your business in a detailed yet convincing manner. Showcasing each of your offered services in different tabs with title, image, and most importantly with a redirect link, this page could be an effective approach to grab user attention.


The impression that you put about you in the about us section hits heavily to every user’s mind from the moment they enter your site to take action. This page is crafted to create a positive impact on your audience and build a solid reputation for your business. Showcasing portfolio, expertise, video, and work process, the about page would be a great way to form trust with your audience.


You should create a trustworthy experience with your pricing for your website viewers. This is why to ensure a clear flow of information we’ve opted for a card-style design here. You can present your pricing plans with service highlights in different columns, and along with CTA’s to keep the reader’s focus on the benefits they are receiving at each price point.

Case Study

People may judge the quality of your work before establishing a new business-client relationship. To trigger it right, we’ve styled this page in a grid view where you can showcase your accomplished projects or case studies professionally. Also, there is a request for a quote CTA at the end to make it a more convenient experience for the users to reach you.

Case Study Details

Your audience should know that you have mastered the skills of consultancy. To convince them your service is worth their investment this page could be the right trick here. Showcase some of the remarkable work samples shedding lights on the key aspects with pictures and finger cross to win the blue ribbon!


Often too many cooks spoil the broth. To keep this last but not the least page distraction, and clutter-free we’ve adopted a minimalistic approach with its presentation. Keeping a streamlined hero section with easy to handle form, physical address, and a clear map this page fulfills all the criteria of a complete contact us page.

How to Access The Consultant Starter Pack?

Every Qubely Pro user can access this “Consultant” starter pack for free. To begin using it, all you need to do is update to the latest version of Qubely Pro. After that, add a new page and click “Import Layout” at the top. Now, search for the Consultant starter pack, select a page and click “Import”. For every page, repeat the same steps. After that, add your custom images and text to the pages to truly make it your own.

Wrapping Up

Here we came to the end part of today’s article. The consultant starter pack of Qubely is the refined result of all the requirements of a full-fledged consultancy and advisory services. Everything here is designed from the core so you can enjoy being part of the exception, and positively impact all your visitors to turn them into potential clients. Now all that’s left is to grab Qubely, pick the consultant starter pack, and start building your dream website within a few clicks only. Good Luck!