Course Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Tutor LMS

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If you’re using Tutor LMS, there’s a huge chance that you plan to sell your courses with it. Diversifying your earning is made easy through course affiliate marketing in Tutor LMS. That way, you’ll have others selling courses on behalf of your eLearning platform. As a result, they earn a commission percentage through course affiliate marketing while you make more sales.

The Tutor LMS development team always seeks out new features to add based on users’ advice. One of the most asked questions by members of the community was how to enable affiliate marketing with Tutor LMS.

This left us with two choices- to develop an internal course affiliate marketing system or to make an integration with an affiliate plugin. Although the first one might be on our plans for the future, the best solution now is using an affiliate plugin such as AffiliateWP. One of the best WordPress affiliate plugins, AffiliateWP, combined with the powerful Tutor LMS will give you an unbeatable course affiliate marketing experience.

AffiliateWP has been a top favourite for most users, but obviously, there are other plugins in the repository that can do the same. Since you’re selling courses, you’ve already chosen your cart from the options (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Paid Memberships Pro, etc.). All you’ve to do now is to follow the guidelines we show to enable course affiliate marketing.

If you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry. This post is a fundamental guideline to course affiliate marketing.

Resources for Course Affiliate Marketing

If you want an online course marketing feature in your eLearning portal, then you are going to need the following:

If you already have Tutor LMS and configured your shopping cart, then all you need is the AffiliateWP plugin to be installed and activated.

Below we give all the steps to start course affiliate marketing from scratch.

Getting Started with Course Creation

So obviously you need to create courses to be able to introduce course affiliate marketing. If you’re a complete newbie to the eLearning business, check out our detailed guidelines on how to create online courses.

Choose Your Shopping Cart

Tutor LMS integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, so you can easily offer multiple payment gateways for your students. If you want to offer subscriptions for courses or the entire site, you can go for the Paid Memberships Pro integration in Tutor LMS or WooCommerce Subscription addon option. The best part is that all of these shopping carts ensure that no matter what plugin you use for course affiliate marketing, it’ll tie in perfectly.

Tutor LMS offers you a tonne of monetization options that you can find in the settings. As an admin, you can set your commission percentage from Tutor LMS Earning & Commission allocation settings. So if you want to pay affiliate partners using your earnings from your eLearning platform then set your percentage wisely.

Install & Activate AffiliateWP

Course Affiliate Marketing

AffiliateWP is an awesome plugin for affiliate marketing management. It’s a plugin by the people who created EDD so you know you’re in good company. You can use EDD or WooCommerce, whichever you prefer, and it will work perfectly with AffiliateWP.

Course Affiliate Marketing

There are many options inside AffiliateWP to allocate revenue and commissions to your instructors. You can even avail dashboard for affiliate marketing to ensure you can track all your transactions easily.

Final Thoughts

Tutor LMS offers real solutions to improve every aspect of your eLearning platform. There are multiple possibilities that you can introduce to your site with Tutor LMS. Online course affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make your site popular while improving your conversion rates. The best part is, someone puts the marketing effort on your behalf. So if you’ve been thinking of introducing course affiliate marketing, try it with Tutor LMS!

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