Presenting Coworking Space: A Stunningly Designed Free Starter Pack for Qubely Pro

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Do you own a coworking space? Despite having a fun, and fully furnished office setup are there still empty workspaces left? Or, after seeing a massive boom in this sector, have you decided to expand your business? Whatever the reason, investing in the Coworking space sector would be helping businesses grow and making many at the same time.

Coworking spaces are replacing the old-fashioned idea of traditional office setup.In fact, it has become more than just a place to work for thousands of people out there, from startups, SME’s, to freelancers. We’ve also seen a massive bump for the need of conjoint working spaces over the past few years. And why not; as it’s much cheaper to rent, provides flexible working, and most importantly creates a community collaboration opportunity. 

For all those fortune hunters of coworking spaces, who would love to see the hurly-burly of people without leaving any vacant places, we’ve got exciting news for you! Today, we’re presenting, “Coworking Space”, a no-code starter pack for Qubely Pro. Plus, with this fully functional website solution, you do not need to put any extra effort into coding, or design too.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep into, “Coworking Space”and find out how it could set you apart from the noise.

Notable Features of Coworking Space

Every feature of this starter pack has been designed in a manner so your audience feels happier, and the same as walking into a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rest assured with its vivacious presence you can create ample opportunities for business with a large chunk of potential customers in return.

Now, let’s have a quick glance at its top-notch features:

  • A clean, elegant, and minimalist design
  • Detailed highlights of every service
  • Multiple CTA buttons
  • Engaging gallery display
  • A unique style of presenting contents
  • Highly creative & impressive newsletter subscription feature
  • Easy-to-use contact form

Pages Inside Coworking Space

Communal spaces are fun to work in. Its warm and inviting atmosphere is certainly a relief for small businesses and those working from home. Same thing we wanted to convey to your audience with an interesting view of your website. With 6 awesome pages under its sleeves, the “Coworking Space” is ready to take the challenge to let you stay on top.

Let’s get a sneak peek of its pages below:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Membership Plans
  4. Our Branches
  5. Gallery
  6. Contact

As you get an initial idea about its pages, it’s time to have a closer look at each of its pages. Let’s check it out below:


Home is the page that reflects your business in a flash. Also, it is the place that users get to see at first glance. We made sure that no one gets distracted from this page and focused deeply on user-experience and information. Starting from a pleasing hero section, branch locations, multiple CTA’s, short about us, offered resources, impressive testimonials, engaging image slides, and at the end a creative newsletter subscription; the home page ensures you have the best coworking space under one roof.


Impression is priceless, and building trust matters. As about us, tell your story; we’ve made sure that it can be the key for you to win over your potential clients. Sporting an enticing top banner, social media channels, your introduction with a centrally placed image section, numeric showcase of clients, FAQ, and at the end newsletter subscription this page streamlines your connection with potential clients.

Membership Plans

This page ensures smart, responsive, and detailed information on membership plans with pictures. In addition to showing your offered service packages, there is also room for facility showcasing to make it more meaningful, and approachable to your clients.

Our Branches

As this page is another big draw of your website, we’ve tried to boost interaction with your visitors featuring all the location information sharing. You can seamlessly display each of your branch locations in detail with smart navigation and Google Map for each of them.

Pictures add life to a webpage. The unique style of image presentation with the brighter, more cheerful look and hero section the gallery page creates a delightful and real like feel to your users.


Let the audience leave your website with a better reputation. Having a self-explanatory contact form, email, physical address with contact number, social media links, google map assistance for each location, and finally newsletter subscription; you’re never too far away from someone eager to get your workspace rented..

How to Access Coworking Space Starter Pack?

Every Qubely Pro user can access this “Coworking Space” starter pack for free. To begin using it all you need to do is update to the Qubely Pro’s latest version. After that, add a new page and click “Import Layout” at the top. Now, search for the Coworking Space starter pack, select a page and click “Import”. For every page repeat the same steps. 

Wrapping Up

In the race of strong competition, your website must be a dominant one.  To ensure a fine-tuning of your website we’ve tried to bring a flexible, streamlined, and responsive solution with Coworking Space. With this ready solution for your website, you no longer have to worry about missing anything out. Also, user experience prioritized extensively here so accessing required information would be only a matter of fingertip for your clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Qubely and bring the most amazing website solution in no time. Good Luck!