Now You Can Create an LMS Site with Oxygen Builder

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Oxygen Tutor LMS

Hello, online teaching aficionado! Our Tutor LMS team has finished an integration that was requested for the longest time: integration with Oxygen Builder. A ton of users of this feature-rich page builder will feel right at home while designing an eLearning platform. This page builder allows complete visual overhaul of all the page elements that are added by Tutor LMS. And what’s more, this integration works with Tutor LMS free and pro versions.

Oxygen Builder is a plugin like no other. It is a unique page builder that gives you complete control over the visual layouts of web pages powered by WordPress. 

To use these features, you must first have all the necessary plugins installed and activated. The required plugins are: 

  1. Tutor LMS
  2. Oxygen Tutor LMS plugin
  3. Oxygen Builder

After installing and activating these above-mentioned plugins, you will be able to use the best of both worlds when it comes to Tutor LMS and Oxygen Builder. Here are a few highlights that this integration brings to the Tutor LMS users.

Complete Overhaul of all The Visuals

Like all other Oxygen enabled sites, installing Oxygen will strip out all the visuals of your old site. The visuals will now be controlled by Oxygen’s templates. You will have to create Oxygen templates to properly show your content in a usable layout. 

Oxygen Templates

Oxygen templates are the backbone of the Oxygen Builder. You can set templates for all types of pages and posts. For example, if you want to design a course template, all you have to do is select “Course” in the Single tab and then you can start editing the template using Oxygen Visual Editor.

Bear in mind that you will need some demo content or a test course that’s already published so that previews in the editor appear.

Oxygen Visual Editor

With the Oxygen Builder integration plugin enabled, you will see a brand new tab in the editor. This tab labeled “Tutor LMS” contains all the necessary elements needed to build a perfect LMS website. Whether you’re a designer or a WordPress developer, it will suit all your needs. 

There are two ways of creating a course page, for example: 

  1. Add a single course template
  2. Build your custom design using single course elements

If you add the single course template, you’ll be able to edit each of the elements separately. Here’s an instance of the single course template where you can change all the typographic and visual options for this entire page.

Here’s another Single template for an archive courses element. It fetches all the available courses in your LMS website and displays them. You can change all the visual and typographic elements of this course archive.

However, you won’t be able to change the layout of the course page itself. To do so, you’ll need to create a custom course layout with all the necessary elements. If you’re familiar with the Oxygen Builder plugin, creating a new layout with custom headers and footers should be a breeze. We’ve added all the necessary elements needed to create a full Tutor LMS website. We’ve broken down all of Tutor LMS into small elements that you can now use to create a customizable layout for all Tutor LMS pages like course page, quiz page, archive page, and so on.

What Oxygen Builder Brings to Tutor LMS

Oxygen builder is a very unique and robust page builder, and you can practically create your custom theme for an LMS platform. Thus you don’t have to rely on other third-party themes and make your website from the ground up exactly the way you want it. 

Oxygen Builder provides a plethora of features like the header builder, huge design library, and full responsiveness controls. Moreover, it also comes with a library of pre-made design sets that you can directly import to create rich web pages. We believe with this integration activated, you can create an amazing platform for your instructors and students alike.  

Wrapping Up

This blog only provides a very barebones idea of what this integration brings to you. To read about every aspect of this plugin, please refer to our documentation on the Oxygen Builder integration plugin. 

We here at Themeum have big plans for Tutor LMS this year. Listening to our users has always been our priority. As a result, we’ve released this integration today. So keep telling us what you want, and we’ll definitely be reading all your comments.

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