Tutor Certificate will let your students download their certificate once they have successfully completed a course. After completing a course, the “Download Certificate” button will appear on the course single page. Like the following.

To put your credentials on the certificate, find the settings from Tutor > Settings > Tutor Certificate.

Select Certificate Template: This is the design for the certificate. Currently, you’ll have 12 certificate templates in total to choose from. Every design comes with a landscape and a portrait design. Select one and hit the “Save Changes” button to use a template for your certificate.

Authorised Name: Write down the person name who is authorised to give the certificate.

Authorised Company Name: Here goes the organisation name.

Upload Signature: Upload an image containing the signature of the authorised person, which will be printed on the certificate.

Once a student completes a course, s/he can then be able to download the certificate for that particular course.