Paid Memberships Pro

The membership feature in Tutor LMS is handled through the Paid Memberships Pro plugin. It is the most downloaded and installed plugin for membership feature as of August 2019. You can download the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Installing Paid Memberships Pro Plugin

Requirements to use the membership feature

  1. Installed and activated Tutor free version plugin
  2. Installed and activated Tutor Pro plugin
  3. Installed and activated Paid Memberships Pro plugin
  4. Activated the Paid Memberships Pro add-on from Tutor > Add-ons.
  5. Enable Paid Membership Pro from Tutor > Settings > Monetization.
Tutor LMS Monetization Settings

When you change your primary monetization method, your PAID courses will convert to FREE courses. So, make sure to go through until the end of this documentation to complete this process. Note: if you decide to go back to your previous monetization method, all the previous settings will become available.

Now you need to read the documentation of Paid Memberships Pro to understand how things work inside the plugin and how to configure and use the plugin. This plugin also has built-in payment gateways. So, you do not need any other extra plugin to handle payments.
You can start reading the documentation from here-

Creating Membership Plans

On the membership creation screen, you will see an option to select a membership model.

  1. Full Website Membership: If you want the students to buy one membership plan to get access to the entire website and all the courses, then this option is for you.

    For example, you want to charge a monthly or yearly fee to access all the contents of the website, then you can select this option.
  2. Category-wise Membership: If you want to charge different type of fees for different category of courses, then this option is for you.

    For example, you want to charge a weekly fee for the business courses, but you want to charge yearly for content courses. Or the content courses cost 10 USD per month and the software courses cost 25 USD per month. For these type of cases, the category-wise membership is perfect.

    Note: The category-wise option works for the selected category only. If you have selected a parent category, then it will work on the parent category only, not the children. If you want to apply the membership level to the children, then you have to select those as well. In plain words, if you select a category, it will work regardless of parent or child. If a category is not selected, it will not work.