Top Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Implement for Your LMS Site

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Top Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Implement for Your LMS Site

We heard some famous marketers say that email has become secondary compared to other communication channels. But the truth is email still works like a charm. According to the numbers, there were 3.9 billion email users worldwide. And in 2023, the user number is expected to reach around 4.3 billion[*]. That’s almost half the world population.

And if you are an eLearning site owner, it would be helpful for your business to tap on a vast number of users. So in today’s blog, we are going to share a few tips & tricks on how you can promote your eLearning site’s brand through email marketing.

Collect User Emails Using Valuable Blog Content

This is the first step of any good email marketing campaign. You need to create content that attracts and helps the right audience suitable for your eLearning site. Create content such as helpful blogs, video tutorials, step-by-step guides, etc to attract the proper audience who are most likely to get help from them.

Once you have established a reader base it’s time to collect their emails. Which is not that complicated. No need to force anyone to let them give you their emails. Simply add a pop-up in your blog section and describe the benefits of why they should sign up for your emails. Also, you can have an email subscription form on your website sidebar, inside blog posts, and any other places you consider relevant.

Offer Free Micro Courses Based on Your Premium Courses

Micro courses also work great to help you with the email marketing process. In fact, you can collect users’ emails targeting the right courses to the right audience. Micro courses are courses that have been made short with the intention of giving the students more dense information in a compact form. Micro courses generally offer the following advantages.

  • Faster development and deliverables
  • Highly reusable modules
  • Focused on niche topics
  • Attract leads with time limitations
  • And more

Micro courses give your LMS site the competitive advantage it needs. Giving people more value for their limited time. This will attract more leads for your LMS site in respect of giving you more audience.

You can learn more from our dedicated blog on micro-courses.

Take Advantages of Email Marketing Tools

Now it’s time to send out the emails. But you don’t need to write each of your users separately if that’s what you are thinking. This is where email marketing tools come in handy. They offer an easy-to-understand user experience and let you organize/analyze your subscribers.

There are many platforms out there that get the job done. Some of them are made exclusively for WordPress. Most of them offer a free plan to get you started. You can try a simplified email marketing solution like weMail. It is better to start with the free plan and make the decision later if the offered features seem important to you.

Build and Categorise Your Email List

The first step which will partly decide the success of your email marketing campaign is building a database to send emails to. Before sending any emails, you always need an email list of people who are taking an interest to hear from you, especially on the topic that you want to share.

In our LMS scenario we want to divide the list into 3 separate groups:

  • List of people who have never bought from your website.
  • List of existing customers who recently bought from your website.
  • List of people who have bought from your website for a while ago.

You can collect the necessary information by connecting your email marketing tool with the e-commerce tool you are using (ex: WooCommerce, EDD, etc). But, it will be better if the people on the list have an interest in the product or course that you are trying to sell.

For example, you can send an email about giving people a discount who has never bought a course on your website. You can send them promotions of a 20% discount for “New Students” and increase your new user conversion.

Leverage the Power of Email Marketing on Your Subscribers

Now that you have learned how to grow your list, it’s time to leverage them. In the marketing tools that you use, you are bound to find any of the following features that will make the most out of your subscribers’ list. Such as Automated birthday emails, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, review emails, quiz result emails, etc.

Email Formatting Tips for Best Results

We are making a case for why you should use real names and mention your business in your emails. If you don’t use any credentials and names, it confuses the recipient about who you are and why they (the email recipient) are receiving emails from you.

So to get the best response results, it is better if you mention your name and your company. As an example: “Rizvi from Themeum” is much more engaging than no name at all. Also, it’s better to use the relevant email addresses to send emails according to the purpose of the email.

Support emails should be sent from “[email protected]” email addresses as they give the user a heads up on what to expect. Change the subject for each email so users know that they are not in an automated email list. And the most important layout tips are to create a clear call to action in the email, especially in the email content or at the footer of the email. 

For example:

  • Get the course for free
  • Buy course now
  • Get more information
  • Claim your discount

Pro Tip: Make your emails responsive as 55% of users read emails first on their smartphone. Optimize it for different screen sizes.

Valuable Lead Magnets in Exchange for Email Subscriptions

This is another great practice that you can use to collect email addresses and connect with them later on. And in exchange for their email accounts, you need to provide them with something valuable. So, how can you collect the emails in the first place? The answer is lead magnets. A lead magnet is an incentive that you can use in exchange for the readers’ email addresses along with their relevant contact information. Lead magnets can come in the form of many things. Such as discounts, free trials for a course or even completely free courses, printable course templates, and so on.

In a list you can offer e-learning lead magnets such as

  • How-to guides for the most basic users
  • Short PDFs with information regarding what people like
  • Step by step guide tutorials
  • Helpful aggregated resources
  • Access to unique tools
  • And more

Tutor LMS Built-in Email Notification System

If you are thinking of using email notification for Tutor LMS specific action, you won’t need to rely on any separate plugin or tool. With Tutor LMS’s inbuilt email notification management system you will select what email will be sent to whom separately.

Tutor LMS Built-in Email Notification System
Tutor LMS Built-in Email Notification Settings

You can also set different for specific emails that you want by overriding the email template. 

Tutor LMS Built-in Email Notification variables list
Email Template Variables That You Can Override

Tutor LMS has a built-in email notification system to keep the students and tutors update to date with the latest happenings. You will be able to update the email templates according to your requirements. There is also documentation that you can see that helps you override the email templates. You have the capability to 

The good thing is, the temples are all plain HTML text that is used on the email body. You will be able to modify the email templates to your liking.

Although it is the best practice that you use only HTML formatted text for now to avoid issues or conflict with the email system. You can find the available variables in the Emails section of Tutor LMS options in the WordPress dashboard.

Start Using These Email Marketing Strategies Today

Implement the above-mentioned strategies in your email marketing efforts and start seeing the results. We are confident it will bring in more customers to your LMS site. And if you are using Tutor LMS you can also use its built-in email notification system along with your email marketing tool.

If you have any questions feel free to comment down below. And keep an eye on our blog to see more tips & tricks blog like this.

*Marketer Email Tracker 2019