Farmer’s Market: A Free & Modern Starter Pack for Qubely Pro

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Imagine the scenario – a bright and sunny day, an abundance of veggies, and seasonal fruits here and there, exchanging words with farmers. Surely, this view of a traditional farmer’s market is a pleasant experience to reckon! Believe it or not, somehow, unhealthy eating habits of our fast pace life is responsible
to push us back into an increased demand of organic food habits. People are seeking direct channels like firms, farmer’s shops, and others just to ensure they get safe things to chew on. It even goes to the point where we don’t mind driving an extra few miles to get good produce. And why not? As you are getting the freshest organic foods at a much cheaper rate than the fancy supermarkets or local stores. On the other hand, this rising demand has opened the door for the local farmers ensuring direct income access.

Do you own a vegetable market that you want to bring in exposure to? If your answer is yes, then “Farmer’s Market” by Qubely would be where your search will end. The best part of this pack is, it’s the design and appealing style that end itself well to the concept leaving all the technical chores behind.

So, those who want to get knocked with this overwhelming opportunity at their door, let’s get into the pack right now to see what amazing goodies comes inside with this! 

Highlighted Features

Every content of ‘farmer’s market’ is designed to increase the visibility of your website. Also, it loads fast and comes with a clean, and responsive design to ensure a smooth road of connection between you and your audience.

Well, instead of keeping you wait for longer, let’s scan the impressive features of this starter pack below:

  • A colorful & vibrant design
  • Informative hero section
  • Auto scrolling testimonial
  • Easy and responsive navigation
  • Highlighted content segment
  • Dedicated gallery page
  • Multiple CTA’s
  • Catchy email newsletter subscription

Pages Inside

With each of the pages of “farmer’s market”, we ensured you get the best online presence possible. You can be confident that all of the pages created with this starter pack can satisfy your visitors with a lifetime impression to remember.

Let’s have a quick look at its pages below:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Vendors
  4. Market & Event
  5. Gallery
  6. Contact

Now, let’s have a glimpse of each of its pages to explore what amazing features are hidden inside this starter pack. 


With a bright and vibrant color scheme, the homepage of the farmers market is a pleasing sight to your visitors’ eyes. Starting from an inviting hero section with highlights of your location, an individual spotlight of all offered services, customer reviews, vendor registration, and newsletter subscription feature this page left no scope to catch visitors’ eyes.


The effective highlights of key information of your business in warm bright colors on a light background, the about us page would be a pleasant stroll for your audience. As your viewers scroll this page, an impressive hero section will pop onto your audience’s eyes at their first glance. Vendor profile, real-time stats, accordion-style specialty highlights, an illustrative showcase of your work processes, FAQ, and newsletter subscription is also there to progress your business to the next level.


This page has been designed heedfully to introduce your website viewers with your vendors. Displaying top vendors at the outset in a gleaming background, you can show other sellers right behind mentioning the name, location, email address, and image. Plus, there is a vividly designed sign up form at the end for new dealer registration.

Market & Event

Showcase your upcoming events with location and time table at the frontline of the page, so that it captures your audience’s eyes at first sight. You can also present your recent accomplished campaigns in a grid display with initial details followed by a newsletter subscription. With the welcoming vibe and enchanting presentation of contents, rest assured this page would be another engaging page for your website.

Everyone wants to get the best products and services. And, the gallery page of the farmer’s market comes to play a vital role here to prove your expertise. With an elegant view of zoom-in style pictorial gallery, what better way to attract the eyeballs of people? Lastly, the newsletter subscription display at the bottom could be the stroke of luck for your business to generate business leads.


Bringing up all required contact information with Google Maps, the contact page ensures a smooth lane for your shoppers to reach you. Moreover, a self-explanatory contact form is also there with a query selection option to generate more numbers of potential leads.

How to Access Farmer’s Market Starter Pack?

Every Qubely Pro user can access this “Farmer’s Market” starter pack for free. To begin using it all you need to do is update to the Qubely Pro’s latest version. After that, add a new page and click “Import Layout” at the top. Now, search for the Farmer’s Market starter pack, select a page and click “Import”. For every page repeat the same steps. 

Wrapping Up

It’s no question that your website can be a great asset to your business. With “farmer’s market” we assure you that your business will get the best online visibility and your audience will come back for more. Now all you have to do is hit the Qubely button below and create your website in a matter of minutes.

Any questions on the Farmer’s Market starter pack? If so, you are always welcome to ask it in the comment section below.