Presenting Food Truck: A Free & Uniquely Designed Starter Pack for Qubely Pro

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Developing the perfect website for your food truck business is ultimately a challenging task. From visual aspects to content presentation everything should be a brilliant one to catch the attention of your audience. 

To help you sustain in this business today we are presenting, “Food Truck” a newly launched starter pack of Qubely Pro. It is specifically designed for food trucks, cafes, bistro or any kind of restaurant and food chain businesses. However, we tried to implement this starter pack in a way so that users get the complete idea about your business. With this easy to use starter pack, anyone will be able to build websites without any coding skills.

Whether getting familiar with your restaurant ambiance, food menu, location, call to action to button to order food online this awesomely designed starter pack will be all in one solution for your website visitors.

Are you ready to explore this amazing starter pack? Let’s check it out what surprises it has to offer for you.

Highlighted Features of Food Truck

Every page of this Food Truck starter pack has been designed in a way so that your business gets maximum online visibility. It includes all the essential elements of a restaurant required to reach your audience. We tried to implement each feature here considering recent trends and user appeal. So, without further delay let’s explore its mind-blowing features at a glance.

  • Interactive call to action button
  • Showcases appealing carousel
  • Engaging testimonial
  • Impressive menu display
  • Convenient query form
  • Individual representation of every service

Pages Inside Food Truck Starter Pack

Having an artistic design, innovative display of every content this starter pack is exactly the one that you needed to present your business at the finest style.
The Food Truck starter pack features the following pages:

Let’s have a detailed overview at its pages below:


The home page is the most vital part of your website. To showcase it in the most elegant manner all the focus parts of your business have been highlighted here. Showing different sections for highlighted images, video, restaurant operating hours, different locations, small briefs about your business, carousel, notable features with description option the Food Truck is the perfect package for any food truck or relevant businesses.


Customer testimonials are a core part of a website. What customer says about you tells a lot about your business. Prioritizing this important aspect we have designed a Testimonial with a vibrant background and nifty presentation of contents. You can also add submit an event query at this page for the convenience of your website visitors.

For a food business, the visual display of the food menu plays a vital role to attract customers. We have developed a zestful page layout for this section to showcase all your offered menu at the most fascinating style to your viewers. With two sections of the menu display option, you can highlight your offered menu separately with title, price, ingredients, and images for each.

Food Service

You can show branded promotion with description, areas covered, slider images, call to action, and a couple of other sections here. From this page, your website will get to know the detailed services offered by you.

What We Do

Display a lively presentation of all your offered service to your audience in the most presentable manner. Here you get the option to highlight your delivery of services with description. You will also have the option to describe branded promotion, custom fabrications, high volume events, corporate, wedding, private events with images.

Draw the attention of your website viewers by presenting the house special items picture and your restaurant. Here, you can also add a CTA button to order food online.

About Us

Sporting several highlighted images, a video section, candid portrayal of about us brief, small testimonial, and our members’ segments you can create a highly competent About Us page for your website and give your users a remarkable impression about your business.  


Featuring a customer inquiry form with phone number, email address, multiple subjects to choose from, several feedback choices, and most importantly with call to action online order option, the Contact page has set itself as the most simpler yet detailed information segment ever.

How to Access Food Truck Starter Pack

To get access to this starter pack you must have Qubely Pro installed. Next, go to the dashboard section of your WordPress and from the page option select add new. Then, click “Import Layout” at the top of the page. Now, search for the new Food Truck starter pack and click “Import“. You are now all set to create your website.
For a quick meal solution on the go, the food trucks have already set itself as a dependable name to people all around the world. But, to stay ahead among your competitors you must pay attention to your online presence also. On top of that, a regular website is never enough to grab your desired traffic. Our Food Truck starter pack would be the ultimate solution for those who want to bring in life the most exciting user experience for their users.
So, all the food chain owners out there who want to stay at the peak we would recommend you to get Food Truck Starter Pack today and notice the difference on your own.