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    Backer and WP Crowdfunding bundle

    I have bought this bundle for two weeks and a couple of days ago I saw an update email regarding the free version must be installed. I think I might have only uploaded the pro version and the theme plus getting license keys connected. The site is not working at the moment. I submitted a campaign and received the email to the admin inbox for review, but there is nothing for me to click to review.

    1. Should I deactivate all the plugs-in and re-install starting from the free version?
    2. How would this step affect the license keys?
    3. What are the best steps to take? (Or should I just get a refund and re-purchase to ensure license keys are effective?)
    4. How do i get rid of the green CF dashboard button on every page as I only want the dashboard to be shown to signed up users?

    Please advise ASAP.


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