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    Recurring issue with Qubely Pro

    Hi there,

    We recently purchased your plugin and we started to experience this strange issue. When I use the blocks and layouts on any given page, it looks fine inside of the builder (screenshot below):

    However, if I try to Preview or Publish the page, I get this:
    The formatting is completely wiped.

    Edit: I’m including the steamable video as well:

    The issue did go away at some point, we don’t know why. We thought everything would be okay. Unfortunately, today it came back and destroyed all the pages we had worked on using Qubely. We have no newly installed plugins or major changes we’ve made to the site. I’ve no idea why this happened. We tried to deactivate the Pro version of Qubely and just use the free one, just to see if it will fix the problem. It didn’t.

    Please, if you could advise us on why this is happening and how to prevent it!.
    I’ve already emailed a short recording to your support team to demonstrate this in action.

    Thanks a lot to anyone who would be willing to help!

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