How to Improve Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

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It might be your job’s nature or the recent COVID-19 outbreak that requires you to work from home. Have gratitude that you are still in a safe place and able to make your survival. Think of the millions of people of the world who have lost their jobs, and the health workers who are still on their duties putting their life at risk for the sake of humanity and the world. 

We know it’s not easy to get along with the suddenly changed situation and maintain a balance between work and personal life. Still, we can make this grueling situation a better one by following the safety measures and having a disciplinary lifestyle. If you lack motivation, have difficulties concentrating on work, or feel like your mental health is affecting you then you’ve arrived in the right place. Today we are here with some life worthy tips to support you to thrive in this challenging time.

So, let’s jump in!

What is Work-Life Balance? 

Work-life balance refers to the condition of how you bring the equilibrium between professional and personal life. Obviously, we all get the same 24 hours in a day. How well you can manage your time matters when it comes to work-life balance. A good work-life balance doesn’t leave you with a feeling of missing out on anything. Certainly, there will be stress, tight deadlines, any rigid boss to face. If you can leave your tensions at the office while managing your tasks successfully, and still manage time for your socialization, hobbies, or even for late-night movies, then let us congratulate you for efficiently managing your work-life balance.

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance Effectively

“Work from home” has got a mixed reaction. Though it allows you to work in your coziness at home, saves commuting cost and time, you may even work while wearing your night suits, as no one’s watching! Many people think it hinders employees’ performance, productivity, and inspiration to a great extent. Well, as you’ve heard, the correct attitude is the first and foremost thing to conquer any battle. The same thing implies working from home too.

Here we’ve shared some leading tips to gain control over your work and home lives.

Let’s check them out!

  • Set an office-like atmosphere
  • Focus on specific tasks & schedules
  • Set priorities and maintain deadlines
  • Take intervals in between work
  • Stay connected with teammates
  • Deal/cope up with stress
  • Engage yourself in new skill development
  • Fix time to unwind after work

Set an Office-Like Atmosphere

We do not work in an office, rather we work in an atmosphere. We might not be able to bring the entire office atmosphere where we chit chat with other co-workers, take coffee breaks, and so on, but certainly, we can make our workspace a better one.

If you can’t manage a spare room as your office setup, at least fix a specific corner with a desk and chair. In order to bring the right mindset and focus, stop sitting at the couch or lying on bed during work. Also, ensure that the work surface is clean, little decorative with proper lighting, and keep everything in an organized manner.

Focus on Specific Tasks & Schedules

How do you manage your household chores on regular office days? Definitely on weekends or after coming from work. You do not need to stay strict with your previous routine while working from home but try to avoid those laundries or dishwashing toils during office hours. If required then utilize your breaktime for other activities. But then again, do not exceed your scheduled break time.

Set Priorities and Maintain Deadlines

You might have to shift the office location to home, but the work remains the same. We understand it’s easier to get distracted at home especially if you have kids or pets. To keep things on track and maintain a balance among everything, set a personal schedule, and follow your office deadlines accordingly.

Take Intervals in Between Work

Working from home becomes monotonous, and at a point of time you may feel fatigued or drained out. Having short breaks during work hours helps you stay focused and be more productive. Allow yourself to take intervals in between work for snacking, stretching, or for a drink. It will also keep yourself distracted from work for a while and let you stay energized.

Stay Connected with Teammates

To maintain the regular flow of work it is required that every team member stays in touch. Most of the workplaces maintain a digital channel for internal communication these days. Communication platforms like Slack allow you to communicate with other team members, share files, and create different customized groups, and so on. You can also use Google Calendars and keep track of meetings, appointments, employees’ work.

Deal with Stress

As you’ve to isolate yourself at home, it is not rare to feel down and get stressed over time. More apparently, stress is something that we are all prone to face at some point in life. So, deal with it. Don’t push or burden yourself with overwork rather try to enjoy the flexibility that comes along with remote work. Maintain a schedule. Also, to stay motivated, and keep the negativity away, spend time with loved ones, practice good habits.

Engage Yourself in New Skill Development

To make the best use of your spare time you can join any online training program, live sessions, webinars, etc. You can even start an LMS platform with Tutor LMS. Besides personal development, it will also be a welcome relief for you to escape from the uncertainties, and tension associated with the current Covid-19 situation.

Fix Time to Unwind After Work

Besides office deadlines, assignments, and responsibilities, take time for your personal life too. Days can feel tiresome, repetitive, and exhausting after work. The best way to leave stress behind you is to spend time on recreational activities. As it is almost forbidden now to step out from home, try having indoor activities like watching movies, cooking, spending time on your hobbies, special plans for weekends.

Wrapping Up

We don’t know when this pandemic COVID-19 will get away from the world. But, definitely, we can wish this nightmare to disappear soon. And, the world will begin to come back to life, the streets will be busier again with crowds. Till then, the smartest move would be to get along with the changed situation. Utilize your time for your own well-being, for the humanity, betterment for career and everything else will come across. Maybe not immediately, but certainly. Good Luck!