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Dance with the Cursor

The tilting interaction effect of Qubely lets you make any page element move with the cursor or mouse movement.

Apply Multiple Interactions

Combine multiple interaction effects altogether and make your website more appealing to the visitors.

Animate While Scrolling

Create animations, designs, and shapes as the users move up and down scrolling across the webpage.

Dive Into the Ocean of Interactivity

Extend your WordPress editor with Qubely’s custom Gutenberg blocks. Get a rich collection of blocks that are highly customizable and easy to use even for the beginners.

Move with the Waves

  • Make your own eclipse by using the Move effect
  • Move objects horizontally by changing the X-axis
  • Lift any object up or down with the value of Y-axis
  • Apply responsive movements for mobile devices

Scale Your Beats

  • Introduce rhythm to your webpage with Scale effect
  • Show charts, graphs, stats, and infographics attractively
  • Make visual hierarchy with the power of scaling objects
  • Create futuristic data visualization with interactive scaling

Steer Across the Ocean

  • Use rotation to create astonishing steering elements
  • Build a compass to guide visitors through your site
  • Give users a ride on Ferris wheel on every page you build
  • Change the gear and accelerate the user experience

Dance with Skew

  • Defy gravity with the Skew effect on your page
  • Use Skew to create artificial 2D effects on any object
  • Enhance the pulse and make your contents dance
  • Combine Skew with other effects to make it interesting

Get Closer with Opacity

  • Play with the visibility of any object as you scroll
  • Apply opacity with other interaction effects
  • Control the emphasis of the surrounding elements
  • Make any object transparent on the fly

Adjust that lense with Blur

  • Bring your object to focus with the Blur effect
  • Use Blur with Move effect to adjust your lens
  • Grab the attention of your users to any certain point
  • Natural blurriness as experienced in human eyes

More on the way…

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