Introducing Qubely Pro: Advanced Gutenberg Block Library, Starter Packs, Interactions & More

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We are overwhelmed by the responses of the Qubely users and their happy remarks after they have successfully made their websites with it. It’s been about 4 months since we released Qubely. In this short period of time, we have seen people making thousands of websites, building interactive product landing pages, and switching to Qubely from popular page builders.

I’m an ex-Elementor user because of Page Speed issues. How can you ever be ranked on Google if your page is slow because of Elementor Page Builder. I was looking for an extension for Gutenberg editor. Qubely is exactly what I was looking for. AND! My page is still lightning-fast!

Johann Schröder (@vanagrahana)

All of these user experiences and remarks inspired us to do more for Qubely and make it the Gutenberg toolkit it was meant to be. This is why today we’re launching Qubely Pro, the most advanced Gutenberg block library, starter packs, interactions, and more. Before diving into the details, let’s have a quick tour of Qubely Pro.

Excited? We’ve much more for you to explore. Check out what Qubely Pro has to offer.

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What Inspired Us to Develop Qubely Pro

We always wanted you to build great looking websites with stylish elements like feature areas, timelines, carousels, testimonials, interactions, pricing tables, gallery, forms, and more. While some of these are possible with Qubely free version, we had to run some extra miles to build Qubely Pro. We did all this to unleash the power of your web design potential.

If you look around, you will find a substantial number of Gutenberg block plugins at your disposal. But, you will not find all the required blocks in a single Gutenberg block plugin. Also, you may not find your desired functionalities in a particular block. So, even if you install multiple block plugins on a single website, you don’t get what you want. This is where Qubely Pro comes to play a part. 

What Qubely Pro Brings for You

Qubely Pro is an advanced Gutenberg toolkit. Apart from the custom blocks, it brings ready starter packs, built-in sections, and many functionalities to the Gutenberg editor. With Qubely Pro, you can build websites in no time. Let’s have a look at all that Qubely Pro brings for you.

Premium Blocks

Qubely has 25+ custom blocks in the free version. We are adding 8 highly advanced premium blocks to Qubely Pro to bolster your web page design potential on Gutenberg. Build robust forms, create pricing tables, display posts, team members & images in the carousel, and create a gallery with advanced options with the premium blocks.

Let’s have a look at all the new premium Qubely blocks. 

Advanced Post Grid

You already know Qubely Post Grid block lets you fetch posts with category & tags and display them in different grid and list views. Apart from 2 basic layouts in the free version, Qubely Pro gives you 3 more stylish grid and list layouts to present blog posts more smartly. 

  • Grid view with featured blog post item
  • List view with featured blog post item
  • Masonry grid view

Form Builder

You may ask “if there’s already a Contact Form block in Qubely, why would I need another form block?”. The answer is, the Form block in Qubely Pro has more options to create forms. You can add multiple form fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, text, textarea, and more. Here are the things you can do with Qubely Pro form builder:

  • Utilize 2 contact form layouts (Classic and Material)
  • Add multiple form fields with placeholders
  • Duplicate form fields in one click
  • Rearrange form fields by clicking up and down buttons
  • Hide or show form field labels
  • Style form fields and animate the contact form
  • Enable Captcha and policy checkbox (GDPR)
  • Setup form with email, failed message, success message and more

Price List

Showcase pricing of your products, services, and memberships in a nicely designed pricing list with Qubely Pro’s Price List block. Add visuals, tweak the designs of each item, set up typography and more with your pricing list. The Price List block is dedicatedly built to showcase the pricing of restaurant menus, community membership, subscription plans, and related services. 

  • There are 3 pricing list layouts to choose from
  • Have badges on the pricing items
  • Display base price and discounted price for the items on sale
  • Bridge the gap of the prices and item names with lines

Testimonial Carousel

Showcase testimonials on carousels. Choose a design from the available layout options. Decide whether to show quote icons, messages, names, designations, avatars, ratings, etcetera. Set up carousels in their respective settings. 

  • 3 testimonial layouts
  • Individual carousel and slider settings
  • Tweak typography and styles


Create stunning photo galleries with Qubely Pro’s Gallery block. Set up the gallery with multiple images by defining the number of columns, gutter spacing, image border, box-shadow, gradient overlay, and more. 

  • Choose a gallery layout from 2 different options
  • Animate gallery images
  • Apply box-shadow, image overlay, and blend mode
  • Add captions for each image

Post Carousel

If you want your website posts to appear in slides, Qubely Pro’s Post Carousel block will help with that. Now you can showcase more posts in a single place. Since the Post Carousel block is all about posts, it lets you set up posts, thumbs, content, category, title, and read more links individually. 

  • Fetch posts with categories and tags and show them on slides
  • Set up carousels with autoplay, draggable, and centered slide options
  • Tweak the slides by defining different arrows and their sizes

Team Carousel

We already have a Team block in Qubely free version. Now with Team Carousel in Qubely Pro, you can showcase your team members in carousels. Set up a carousel with team member layout, avatar, name, designation, and more. Take control of the design of individual team members, carousels slides, and options.

  • 3 different team member layouts to choose from
  • Set up each team member of the carousel individually
  • Control carousel with autoplay, draggable, and centered slide options

Image Carousel

Display images in carousels as well. Qubely Pro’s Image Carousel block lets you set up slides and carousels with plenty of options. You can decide the number of slides, have a caption on each image, and set up slides with arrows by tweaking their designs and sizes.

  • Choose image carousel layouts from 5 different options
  • Control carousel with autoplay, draggable, and centered slide options
  • Set up team members with names, designations, social icons, and more

Starter Packs – Create Websites in Minutes

Our goal with Qubely is to enable you to build websites easily and quickly. Qubely Pro brings 10 new starter packs to create your site in no time. In total, you have access to 13 starter packs and a whopping 81 page layouts. Each of these packs has plenty of ready pages to be used for your websites. You just have to create pages and import layouts from the library. 

Suppose you want to create a website for a creative agency. Your site needs a home page, service page, portfolio page, contact page, and about page. Creating these pages would be time-consuming and sometimes requires you to hire a designer if you want your site to look professional. Instead of creating these pages from the ground up, Qubely Pro gives you many starter packs to start immediately. 

The starter packs will save you time and money. Whether you want to create a website for any creative agency, corporate firm, furniture company, coffee shop, restaurant, or any kind of business, Qubely Pro has you covered. The starter packs in the Qubely Pro are:

  • Creative Agency
  • Furniture
  • Coffee Shop
  • Hand-Craft
  • Dentist
  • Gym
  • Barber Shop
  • Restaurant
  • AC Repair
  • Charity
  • Agency
  • Corporate
  • Business

Premade Sections

Qubely Pro takes care of every detail of your website. Despite having the functionality to create any kind of page or section from scratch, Qubely Pro offers 130+ readymade sections to use inside any page.

You may want to showcase team members, testimonials, product features, and pricing on a page. Qubely Pro provides you all these to do the job. The ready sections in Qubely Pro come in different categories to meet your diverse needs. The available categories are.

  • Feature
  • Team
  • Call To Action
  • Pricing
  • Footer
  • Service
  • Testimonial
  • Header
  • Content


Qubely Pro Interactions makes your web content dance with dazzling effects. You can go beyond the ordinary flat page designs and apply interaction effects to any page element. Make the website more appealing and lively to the visitors with Qubely interactions. Here are the things you can do with Qubely Pro Interactions. 

  • Move: Make your own eclipse by using the Move effect. Move objects horizontally and vertically, and apply responsive movements.
  • Scale: Introduce rhythm to your web pages with Scale effect. Showcase graphs, charts, stats, and other infographics attractively.
  • Steer: Use rotation to create astonishing steering elements and create a compass to guide your site visitors.
  • Skew: Defy gravity with the Skew effect on your page. Easily create artificial 2D effects on the object.
  • Opacity: Play with the visibility of any object as you scroll. Apply opacity with other effects.
  • Blur Effect: Bring your object to focus on the blur effect. Apply both Blur and Move effects together to adjust your lens.

Qubely Pro Pricing

Qubely Pro comes in different customer-friendly pricing options. We offer both annual and lifetime plans to fit your needs. There are also different variations in these two major plan types. Qubely Pro is not going to charge you much. It starts at as little as $39 a year for a single site. Let’s know all of the Qubely Pro plans in more detail.

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Annual Pricing Plans

The annual pricing plans come in 3 different variations. Namely Single License, 5 License pack, Unlimited License.

Single License: The Single License is for one single domain with a 1-year plugin update and priority support. It includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter pack library. This plan is available at only $39. Best fit for any individual with a single site.

5 License Pack: The 5 License Pack is for 5 domains with 1 year plugin update and priority support. It comes at a price of $59. This plan includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter pack library. A good match for any business or individual running up to 5 sites.

Unlimited License: The Unlimited License plan will cost you $99 for an unlimited number of domains, 1 year plugin update, and priority support. The plan includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter pack library. Perfect for web development agencies and developers.

Lifetime Plans

We are introducing lifetime plans to help web design and development agencies (or anyone who needs it) to bring out the best websites. Any web design company, agency, or individual with similar services can choose a lifetime plan and craft professional designs. The Lifetime pricing plans also come in 3 variations but with different prices. Namely- Single License, 5 License Pack, Unlimited License. 

Single License: The Single License lifetime plan is for 1 single domain with lifetime plugin update and priority support. It includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and starter pack library. The plan comes at a price of $299.

5 License Pack: The 5 License Pack is for 5 domains with lifetime plugin update and priority support. It comes at a price of $399. This plan includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and starter pack library

Unlimited License: The Unlimited License plan comes at a price of $599 for unlimited domains and lifetime plugin update with priority support. The plan includes all pro blocks, ready sections, and a starter pack library.

Wrapping Up

If you have used Qubely free version before, you know the incredible quality it brings to you. Qubely Pro takes you way beyond your imagination. Don’t just consider the number of blocks, do explore each block to enjoy the cool features. Above all, with Starter Packs and ready sections, you can headstart with your website designs. No more words here. It’s time for you to explore Qubely Pro all by yourself.