Introducing Tutor LMS Elementor Addons: Create Custom Course Page, Course Carousels, Course Lists, and More

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Tutor LMS Elementor Addons

Hello everyone! Are you all staying indoors? We sure are! And what’s a better way of spending time at home than working with your favorite LMS platform. As such, we’ve brought you a pleasant surprise to up your LMS game! We have completed a highly requested integration with Elementor. Elementor is well known in the WordPress community as one of the most popular and versatile page builder plugins.

Meet Tutor LMS Elementor Addons, a game changing free WordPress plugin that lets you create custom course page, showcase courses in stylish carousels & lists, and edit individual courses for different designs. If you ever dreamed of creating and styling your eLearning course site with the popular Elementor page builder, the Tutor LMS Elementor Addons opens that gateway for you.


To utilize this integration on your eLearning website, you will need a few things first: 

Most interestingly, Tutor LMS Elementor Addons works with both Free and Pro versions of Tutor LMS and Elementor page builder.

Once that is done, you need to allow Elementor to make changes to Tutor LMS courses. To do so, head to WP Admin > Elementor > Settings > General and make sure these post types are selected:

  • Courses
  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Tutor Course Bundle
Elementor post type settings

After that, you will be able to build single course pages with Elementor using all of its amazing features.

What Tutor LMS Elementor Addons Brings For You

Elementor is unmatched when it comes to designing WordPress pages, and you can now take full advantage of it to create the eLearning platform of your dreams. It’s built for professional-grade WordPress pages, applicable for freelancers, individual instructors and agencies alike. It allows you to create pixel-perfect designs with responsive and optimized addons. Being such a huge player in the WordPress community, Elementor also has a massive library of other addons that will enhance your WordPress LMS platform even more!

Due to its popularity, there is a massive number of users that feel right at home using Elementor. This is why we believed synergy between Elementor and Tutor LMS was super important and that’s why we prioritized it. Our integration adds about 36 fully functional widgets that will completely change the way of designing the eLearning courses.

How Tutor LMS Elementor Addons Works

We have made Elementor work in two major ways with Tutor LMS. We’ve added 35+ completely customizable widgets, or addons to Elementor’s sidebar that will let you build custom courses in 2 different ways. Let’s take a look at both and then we’ll get into the specifics on how to get them working:

  • Global Course Templates: Global templates are somewhat self-explanatory. If you add a global course template, it will override all other templates and use that layout for all courses. This is useful if you want to make all your courses look and feel exactly the same.
  • Single Course Customization: This allows you to customize each course separately and independently. With this mode, you can change each course’s structure and layout depending on its requirements.
  • Display Course Carousels & Lists on Any Page: Tutor LMS Elementor Addons lets you create course carousels and course lists on any page created with Elementor page builder. Now you will be able display courses in stylish carousels and lists in multiple predesigned layouts.

Create a Global Course Template

To take advantage of the Elementor builder on your Tutor LMS powered site, you will have to add a new single course template. On the left side of your WordPress admin page, you will notice a tab called Templates right below the Elementor tab. From there, click on “Add New” to create and add a new template.

Choose a new template
Global Template Settings

Select “Page” from the drop-down and tick the “Tutor LMS Single Course Template” toggle. Then name the template, and you’re good to go. From there, you’ll be taken to the Elementor page builder’s template editor. This is where the magic happens!

You will now be able to use the 24+ new and highly customizable Elementor add-ons to change the look and layout of the single course page. These are taken directly from Tutor LMS’s single course page, and now you can rearrange them however you want. You’re not limited to the default layout of Tutor LMS anymore! Create your custom layout to bring focus to the sections of the pages you want to prioritize. 

After you are done designing the single course template, hit update, and you can see the new design by visiting any of your courses’ page.

Customizing Single Courses

Do you want to specifically customize each course pages differently? You can do that too with Elementor! To do so, navigate from the backend WordPress dashboard to Tutor LMS > Courses and then open any course from the backend. From there, you will see a button called “Edit with Elementor” which will take you to the single course editing panel.

Edit with Elementor on course bundle

This will load the default layout of the course built only with Elementor addons and then you can then easily drag and drop additional elements, and even customize the existing ones by a simple click of a button. Hit save when you’re done and you’re good to go! You can then watch as your course takes a completely different shape and form in the frontend.

Tutor LMS Elementor Addons

But, you have to navigate to Tutor LMS Pro > Course Bundle in order to customize the bundle courses. From there select the course and follow the same procedure.

List of course bundles

Note: You have to install Tutor LMS Pro and enable the “Course Bundle” addon in order to design a course bundle.

With this plugin installed, not only can you create some amazing designs, you can also customize each aspect of the course to make it look just the way you like. Here’s a few examples to get your creative juices flowing!

Structure and design every page of your Tutor LMS powered eLearning site on your favorite Elementor page builder

Wrapping Up

If you’re an Elementor master and use it exclusively for your projects, then this integration will undoubtedly add value to your eLearning sites. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Tutor LMS Elementor Addons and start creating!

During 2021, we will integrate more amazing WordPress products with Tutor LMS. You might be thinking, how do we determine which plugins to integrate with ours? It’s very simple. We listen to you! So, keep commenting and reaching out to us, and we will definitely be listening.

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