Introducing Tutor LMS: A Brand New Experience to Build eLearning Platforms

Tutor LMS

Do you want to create an e-learning platform like Udemy, Lynda, or Edx? Then you need a smart, scalable, and robust platform to make it possible. That’s the reason why we bring you Tutor LMS, a powerful WordPress plugin to take your classroom online.

At Themeum, we really want to create products that are easy to use for any level of user. We went through a substantial extent of research. We’ve found that, the available LMS tools in the market are barely enough to create a full-fledged eLearning site. So our team of WordPress experts took the challenge, and finally, come up with a stand-alone solution to create a modern eLearning platform. With Tutor LMS, you can create, manage, and sell online courses effortlessly.

We’ll talk about all the goodies inside Tutor LMS in detail. Before that, let’s have a quick look at some of its exciting features.

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Extensive Course Builder

Tutor LMS course builder to create courses with drag & drop functionality.
Tutor LMS comes with an extremely functional drag & drop course builder

With Tutor LMS, you find all your course building options in one single place. The course builder lets you create rich courses with videos, attachments, excerpt, benefits of the course, requirement, announcement, video banners, and more.

Let’s look at some of the core functionalities you get in the course builder.

  • Add a course description & excerpt
  • Include course topics
  • Define the course duration
  • Determine the difficulty level
  • Tell about the course benefits
  • Provide instructions
  • Specify the target audiences

It’s really a rich course-building experience.

Advanced Quiz Creator

Mega quiz creator in Tutor LMS prepares interactive & challenging quizzes.
Utilize the mega quiz creator in Tutor LMS to prepare interactive & challenging quizzes

Tutor LMS comes with an advanced quiz creator so that you can build engaging quizzes. Create fun and challenging quizzes with 10 unique question patterns in Tutor LMS. These highly customizable quizzes keep students interested and they will prefer more of your online courses too! You can create an unlimited number of quizzes and questions using Tutor LMS, and build a question bank with them.

There are two aspects in which the quiz creation in Tutor LMS is unique:

  1. Quiz building
  2. Grading process

Over 10 Types of Question Patterns!

Tutor LMS plugin comes with 10 unique question patterns.
There are 10 unique question patterns in Tutor LMS

Remember all those quizzes where you got image matching, true/false, MCQs, and so on? Tutor LMS incorporates all the different types of interactions through quizzes. These questions also help you set a competitive exam that helps judge students across various criteria.

So here’s the list of all the question types that you can set with Tutor LMS.

  1. Image Matching
  2. Image Answering
  3. Ordering
  4. True/False
  5. Single Choice
  6. Multiple Choice
  7. Open Ended/Essay
  8. Fill In The Blank
  9. Short Answer
  10. Matching

Grading Process

So now that your students have taken a really great quiz, they surely want to know the results. Tutor LMS lets you grade quizzes easily and effectively.

  • Set passing grade
  • Limit quiz attempts
  • Automated quiz results
  • Manual review for open-ended questions
  • Display result status

Tutor LMS ensures a convenient quiz making and grading procedure.

Powerful Addons

Tutor LMS comes with highly functional addons.
Powerful addons in Tutor LMS to make your educational site perform even better

Tutor LMS has 7 functional addons to extend your eLearning platform and take it to the next level. We’re continuously improving Tutor, that means more addons are on the cards. Currently, the available addons are:

  1. Tutor Certificate
  2. Tutor Course Attachments
  3. Tutor Course Preview
  4. Tutor E-Mail
  5. Tutor Multi Instructors
  6. Tutor Prerequisites
  7. Tutor Report

We’ve discussed their functionalities through the article.

Monetize Your Courses

Tutor LMS not only enables you to spread knowledge online, but also it helps you earn money by selling your courses. It offers the facility with complete control over the transactions that take place. So you can keep track of all your sales seamlessly.

WooCommerce Integration

Utilizing the WooCommerce integration feature in Tutor LMS, you open the possibility to start selling courses. There are multiple payment gateways which are always a plus to have when creating paid courses. The easy money management system will let you administer everything smoothly.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Support

Tutor LMS ensures that you get options when it comes to selling courses in your very own platform. In case you don’t want to use WooCommerce, we’ve got another option for you, that is Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). You can use this popular eCommerce plugin with Tutor LMS.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Useful reports & analytics in Tutor LMS to boost enrolment rates.
Useful reports & analytics in Tutor LMS to boost enrolment rates

Tutor LMS reports give you a detailed overview of your enrolled courses, added lessons, total enrolments, number of students, quizzes, reviews, and so on. There are 3 sections where you can find the course analytics.

  1. Overview: You get the complete idea of how your courses are performing right under the overview section of Tutor LMS reports.
  2. Courses: You get 6 predefined time filters through which you can see how your courses have performed over the past year, month, week or a specific time period, then you can enter dates as well. There’s also an option to download the performance reports
  3. Reviews: In reports, there’s a separate section dedicated for reviews. You can read and manage all the course reviews easily from here.

Frontend Student Dashboard

Frontend student dashboard to help students monitor their course performance.
Frontend student dashboard to help students monitor their course performance

The student dashboards help students track their own progress. This is where they get access to their enrolled courses, course status, progress, announcements, or any other notification they receive.

Instructor Dashboard

Instructors can easily add courses, lessons, manage reviews- basically all their essential functions from their own dashboards. Moreover, each instructor gets a public profile.

Multiple Instructors for Courses

Tutor LMS is multi-instructor ready.
Enrich your courses with multiple instructors for your eLearning site

If necessary, you can add multiple instructors to a single course. Enable the “Tutor Multi Instructors” addon and you’ll get the option to add multiple instructors to your courses.

Multi-format Lesson Attachments

Upload course attachments easily with Tutor LMS
Upload course attachments easily with Tutor LMS

Add attachments to your courses so that students can download these and study whenever they wish, even offline. You can add PDFs, docs, (and any file formats that are supported by WordPress media uploader) to create an informative course.

Video Streaming

Video lessons with resume video option comes with Tutor LMS
Video lessons with resume option available in Tutor LMS

With Tutor, teachers can offer course videos from multiple sources like YouTube and Vimeo. Videos can also be hosted on your own server. Its built-in system prevents any unauthorized access to the natively hosted content. Viewers can resume the video lessons from where they left off.

Course Prerequisites

Add prerequisites to the courses to let the students know the requirements they need to meet before enrolling in a course. Inform target students about other related courses you offer as well.

Free Lesson Previews in Paid Courses

Course preview in Tutor LMS allows students to view courses before enrolment.
Unlock a few lessons from a paid course for students to view before enrolment

Just like a test drive you take before buying a car, prospective students might want to test drive some lessons of your premium courses. In this case, you can open a few lessons that students can view and then decide whether to take the course. Having this option means that your course content can motivate students to enroll.

Email Communication and Notifications

Stay connected with your students and instructors with Tutor Email addon.
Stay connected with your students and instructors with Tutor E-Mail addon

Anyone associated with your learning platform will love to stay connected and receive important notifications. Tutor E-mail addon lets the site admins send customized emails in a few clicks. Define your very own footer text, sender name, and mail ID. Decide when students and other teachers receive an email notification right from the settings panel. Send emails to students when they enrol in a course, complete a quiz/course, and for many other events.


Offer beautiful certificates to your students on course completion.
Offer beautiful certificates to your students on course completion

Right after your students finish a course, they would love to be rewarded with a certificate. In fact, some students specifically look for courses that provide a certificate.

Tutor LMS comes with 13 certificate templates and more to come. You can personalize these professional grade certificates with authorized name, institution name, signature, and all that apply.

Q&A section for Students & Teachers

Students can ask questions to teachers with the Q&A section in Tutor LMS.
Students can ask questions to teachers with the Q&A section in Tutor LMS

With Tutor LMS, you can promote interactions amongst students and teachers. Students can ask any questions to teachers or comment in the Q&A section.

Ratings and Reviews

Only enrolled students can rate & review courses you offer.
Only enrolled students can rate & review courses you offer

Tutor LMS offers the option for students to rate a course and write a review about it. Instructors can get valuable suggestions on how to improve a course from this feature. Teachers can manage each submitted review individually.

Content Security

Your eLearning platform is supposed to hold a massive content. It’s extremely important to ensure a secure infrastructure for these data. We’re aware of this and performed extensive research to make Tutor LMS as secure as possible in this regard. When you offer content from an external source like YouTube or Vimeo, security/privacy for these kinds of stuff is managed on the respective platforms.

But if you upload your videos using Tutor’s native video uploading feature, we offer top-notch privacy features for those contents. Tutor LMS ensures authorized-only content access by checking a number of aspects like login, request origin, where it is embedded, etc. No traditional methods like directory/wp-content browsing can expose your content to unauthorized access.

Gutenberg Compatible

Tutor LMS comes with three custom Gutenberg blocks.
Three custom Gutenberg blocks in Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is compatible with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. It incorporates 3 custom Gutenberg blocks inside. These blocks are:

Tutor Student Registration: The student registration block is for students who are interested to join courses and you can include it anywhere in your course. It appears as a basic form where students can enter their information.

Instructor Registration Form: The instructor registration form block allows you to place a sign-up form for instructors who want to join your platform. The form has all the relevant fields all set up for you to recruit new instructors.

Tutor Student Dashboard: Include a student dashboard with this custom Gutenberg block. Students can check their course progress, courses enrolled and other useful information wherever you place the block.

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Wrapping Up

After all the hard work, plenty of hours of code and research, we’re finally proud to present an eLearning solution that we know you’ll love to explore- it goes by the name Tutor LMS. If you want to take your classroom or educational institution online, give Tutor LMS a try! Please do share your feedback, experience ( e.g. UX, theme compatibility, integration, payment gateway), and ideas regarding Tutor LMS in the comments section below. Wishing you a very successful eLearning platform. Hope together we will revolutionize the online learning system on WordPress.

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  • bnicomette July 30, 2019

    dans la rubrique “Streaming vidéo” quand vous dite ;
    “Son système intégré empêche tout accès non autorisé au contenu hébergé de manière native.” Cela veut-il dire que seul les vidéos télécharger sur notre serveur seront automatiqument protégé?

    • Tashfia Fareed July 31, 2019

      Bonjour @bnicomette. Yes, it means that only videos uploaded to your server are automatically protected. Unauthorized users cannot access those videos by pasting the lesson URL. Hope this helps!

  • cmfionline April 18, 2019

    Great write up and cool plugin.
    Is it compatible with WPML plugin for multilingual course?
    Secondly, one common LMS plugin is wpcourseware and others. How easy would it be for someone who has a developed and productive course migrate from such plugins to tutor LMS?

    • Tashfia Fareed April 18, 2019

      Thank you!
      Tutor LMS is multilingual-ready. We have submitted Tutor LMS for compatibility report with WPML and still waiting for the final review. Once we get it, we’ll surely inform you.
      Unfortunately, right now we don’t have any migration tools but we’ll introduce that very soon. Stay connected with us for more news!