Presenting Tutor Starter: A Free WordPress LMS Theme for Tutor LMS

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WordPress LMS Theme

Hi all! We’re back again with some amazing news for eLearning enthusiasts among our readers. Today we’re proud to introduce Tutor Starter, an amazing WordPress LMS theme that is completely FREE to use!

We’ve designed Tutor Starter to let Tutor LMS take center stage on your eLearning LMS platform. With a unified design system, highly customizable structure, and 4 fantastic pre-built layouts, we bet you’re going to love building with this theme!

Let’s take a tour of all the amazing features you will get with this free WordPress theme:

  1. Unified Design System with Tutor LMS
  2. Gutenberg and Elementor Ready Templates
  3. 4 Modern Pre-built Home Layouts
  4. Multiple pre-built Inner Pages
  5. One-click Demo Import System
  6. Multiple Header and Footer Variations
  7. Advanced Typography Options
  8. Contextual Page Settings
  9. Higher Score on PageSpeed Insight
  10. Highly Optimized for SEO (Schema Ready)
  11. Customizable Blog Layouts and Archives

So without further ado, let’s check out what makes Tutor Starter a must-have LMS theme!

Design System Unified With Tutor LMS

Have you ever run into problems while styling your Tutor LMS site? The main problem stems from the fact that all our previous themes had their own personality, their own style, and their own focus. But this LMS theme focuses on something else: Tutor LMS itself. 

Tutor Starter banner

Anyone will have a hard time denying the fact that Tutor LMS has the best in class design, both in terms of styling and user experience. We have put a lot of our focus on the design aspect of your favorite LMS plugin, and it shows!

It still leads among its competitors when it comes to user-friendly, eye-pleasing, and functional design. That’s why we have integrated the same tried and tested design system of Tutor LMS into Tutor Starter, making it the best duo yet!

Tutor Starter pre-built templates

In all our eLearning focused themes such as Edumax, Skillate, and Docent, we focused on styling as much as possible while overriding several of Tutor LMS’s default templates. This gave us a lot more freedom when it came to design but resulted in a complex design system that users had to solve themselves.

But to make the outlook seamless and flow perfectly, you had to put in some work. With Tutor Starter, we have decided to avoid that and let Tutor LMS’s default templates shine through. Tutor Starter does not override any of Tutor LMS’s templates. Our main focus, as the name suggests, was to make sure that the theme was ready to use immediately after installation.

Elementor and Gutenberg Ready

At the start of 2021, we released the much awaited integration with Elementor Page Builder. This integration lets you build beautiful single course pages with the flexibility allowed by Elementor’s popular page builder. 

Tutor Starter is Elementor & Gutengerg ready

After a warm reception of our integration, we decided to make sure that Tutor Starter works on the same premise of universal accessibility; Tutor Starter is fully customizable and works effortlessly with both the classic Page Builder, and the modern Gutenberg block builders. And as always, it’s up to you to decide which one to move forward with.

Moreover, our theme also comes with 4 prebuilt layouts to give your next eLearning project a valuable head start. Each comes with its own unique flair of design focus and priorities. Some are darker, some are brighter, some are extensive with huge swaths of areas to put your sales focused content while others are kept short and minimal.

Each of them also focus on specialised fields in eLearning such as Universities, Marketplaces, and Solo Instructors. Obviously, you can edit and customize them for yourself, but I bet it’s going to be pretty nice to have a nice head-start. 

These prebuilt layouts are for Elementor, Gutenberg blocks (Qubely), so you have the flexibility to decide which to pick. Whether you are an Elementor expert or an early adopter with a huge Gutenberg block library, we’ve got you covered!

Available Starter Sites at Launch

WordPress LMS Theme

As mentioned, we will be releasing Tutor Starter with 4 starter sites at launch, that specialize in lucrative market segments of the eLearning sectors. Check out their demo pages here:

How to Import Layouts

Tutor starter sites

Importing layouts is as easy as it gets with Tutor Starter. To import demo content, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Tutor Starter > Starter Sites, and you will find all the layouts listed here.

Please note that you must have installed Tutormate in order to import demo content.

Simply choose your preferred page-builder tool and your website’s demo content will be installed automatically in that format. 

The demo import will be familiar to you if you have used our themes before. It will import and set up all necessary plugins, pages, widgets, and menus.

For ease of use and universal compatibility, we have given you 2 most popular options:

Select Elementor as your preferred builder
Select Gutenberg as your preferred builder

From there on, you can go into the customizer to customize everything you need to. Use your favorite page editor to add custom content like images, media, and text. 

Customization Options

What’s a good theme without great customization options? We believe in giving you as many options as possible so that all you have to do is choose. 

  • Header Variations and Footer Customization

We have added 5 header variations including 2 transparent options and built-in menus for easy setup. Each header can then be further customized to make it completely yours. The footer added by Tutor Starter allows full design freedom, from layout controls to styling controls. This allows for a fully customizable experience for both developers and designers.

  • Advanced Typography: 

With complete control over the typography of the theme, you can control whichever impression you want. Each type of text field, headings, text fields, etc can be changed to fit your needs.

  • Contextual Page Settings:

Each page has contextual settings on the backend editing panel of that page. Depending on the page, you will get access to options for changing sidebar positions, disabling headers, footers, and so on.

  • Quick Links for Customization:

Tutor Starter also features a set of quick links on the WordPress backend dashboard by navigating to WP Admin > Tutor Starter > General. These links will take you to the corresponding customizer panels where you can edit options such as Colors, Layouts, Headers, and more

  • Customizable Blog Archive and Single Blog Page:

Blogs and blog archives are highly customizable and can be changed to your liking easily through WordPress’s default customizer. All blog meta-data such as author names, categories, important dates, and more can be customized to your liking. You can also modify the layouts for blog archives, and the sidebars as well.

Highly Optimized For Faster Page Loading

Tutor Starter optimization

Tutor Starter is a highly optimized theme for Tutor LMS. You don’t even need to fiddle around with optimizing images, or minifying CSS/JS codes as they are all done by default right off the bat. With this free LMS theme, you can create your platform and carve up your own share of the eLearning industry. 

Schema Ready and SEO Friendly

Schema is a huge factor when it comes to ranking a page in SERPs. Tutor Starter features schema-ready pages where you can input the schema microdata easily through the Gutenberg editor’s sidebar. This will help indexing bots figure out your content type and attributes.

Tutor Starter is schema-ready

Tutor Starter lets you add microdata according to the types of the content you add to your site. You can select schema type while creating a course or page and input microdata in the appeared fields. Tutor Starter allows you to add microdata for Local Business, Course, Web Page, Video, Person, Organization, and Review.

You don’t have to use any third-party plugin to add microdata to your website content anymore once you build your eLearning site with Tutor Starter.

A user can view the page’s metadata without actually going into the page itself, creating a very rich Google Search snippet that immediately grabs attention. Information such as course reviews, logos, important dates, and so on can act as a grabber for search result viewers on Google or Bing. With Tutor Starter, you are fully covered. 

Beautiful Inner Pages

Created by our talented design team, these clean and modern web page designs are definitely going to catch the users’ eyes. Each home layout is built with both Elementor and Gutenberg blocks to give you options to pick from. You can then personalize them to your liking by adding your content and images. 

Powered By Tutor LMS

While Tutor Starter can, to some extent, be used for any general purpose, it was meant to be used with Tutor LMS running at the core. Think of Tutor Starter as the chassis of a gorgeous Lamborghini while the Tutor LMS plugin is the thundering V12 engine powering it. 

If you’re new to Tutor LMS, here are a few amazing things you can do with it to make the eLearning platform of your dreams:

  • Create unlimited courses using the frontend course builder
  • Build engaging and exciting quizzes
  • Manage all activities right from the frontend using Dashboards
  • Encourage talented teachers to sign up and create their own courses
  • Use in-depth reporting tools for data driven course creation
  • Create institutions like coachings, schools, or marketplaces
  • And so much more…