Introducing Lifetime License for Tutor LMS!

Themeum always believes in listening to the users and align products with their expectations. Our development team tries to include user feedback in our product roadmap as much as possible.

The Background Story

When we released the initial version of our WordPress LMS plugin for the first time, we started receiving an enormous amount of feedback from our friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress forums and what not! We were overwhelmed with the ideas we got in our mailboxes.

Last week, we have posted a video demonstration of Tutor LMS on our Facebook page and received quite a few comments from people asking for a lifetime license. Things started rolling when our good friend Abu Mohammad shared the plugin with two active Facebook groups. Within a short time, hundreds of people started checking the plugin and recommended that we introduce a lifetime license.

We knew that it was time to get into the arena of the lifetime license. After seeing a huge response, we sat on a meeting with our team leads on the very next working day. We discussed the pros and cons and analyzed the possibilities for both our users and us. We left no stones unturned in our discussion.

One of the major concerns was about risk management. After a couple of hours, we agreed to offer a lifetime license for Tutor LMS in three tiers. The three existing licenses can now be upgraded to the lifetime plan.

The Lifetime License Cost

When you’re looking for a lifetime license plan, you obviously want the best deal at the most affordable option. With all the features that Tutor LMS comes with we came up with a great price for you!

The pricing plans for lifetime license are given below.

  • Single License with priority support & regular updates- $399
  • 5 License Pack with priority support & regular updates- $599
  • Unlimited Licenses with priority support & regular updates- $999


Do I have to pay the full price if I upgrade to the lifetime plan?
No, you just have to pay the difference. If you have already paid 149 USD for Tutor LMS single license and the lifetime license you want to upgrade costs 399USD, you will have to pay the extra 250 USD.

How do I pay for the upgrade?
As there is a deduction on your previous payment, you have to send an email to our support to create a discount coupon for you. You pay the same way using PayPal or your card as you did earlier.

Having a lifetime license means I get update and support until my entire lifetime?
The term “Lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the Product. It does not mean the buyer’s lifetime or any other assumption of the term. The product lifetime is not defined at the time of purchase. Themeum reserves the right to announce the end of Lifetime of a product any time within 90 days prior notice followed by a 30 day prior notice to the Customer.

* Buy Tutor LMS within Friday to get a surprise gift next week!

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