Qubely Gets 2 Page Templates with 2X Performance Boost

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Qubely is continuously adding more features, blocks, and functionalities in each of its updates. In this age of Gutenberg, you want to do more on the default editor. A custom block plugin like Qubely extends the Gutenberg editor and offers so many advanced blocks & opportunities for your site. 

With Post Grid, Timeline, Counter, Video Popup, and other exciting blocks, Qubely has become people’s favorite Gutenberg tool. It’s lovely to see so many websites are using Qubely. Such rise of users inspires us to do more for the plugin.

We have great news for all Qubely users to cheer for. Your favorite Gutenberg Toolkit gets a massive update today. Though Qubely is being updated with more blocks and features regularly, today’s is way beyond all the regular updates. Because, we’ve added 2 page templates, and improved the overall performance of Qubely blocks.

What Qubely v1.1.3 Brings

Today’s Qubely update is a lot different from all the regular ones. Qubely 1.1.3 brings 2 page templates and improves the overall performance of the plugin.

2 Page Templates

On your WordPress site, creating pages and posts have followed the active theme’s available layouts so far. With the introduction of 2 page layouts in Qubely, now you can define whether to go with the default page template or choose any of these Qubely page templates. You can decide to have a template with the default header design or start building everything from scratch. The newly added page templates are:

  • Qubely Full-width: Have the opportunity to choose a page template with default header and footer along with a full-width layout beyond your default theme.
  • Qubely Canvas: Go headerless & footerless and create everything from scratch. You have the option to create everything your way without depending on any design. 

How to Choose Page Templates

This is the most important question you may ask. When you are particularly on the page and on the Document section, you will find Page Attributes on your right. Select Qubely Full-width or Qubely Canvas from the available options under Templates.

Performance Improvements

Qubely gets a massive performance boost today. We’ve refactored components & fields, optimized the usage of CSS generator, and made so many other changes to make Qubely a lightning-fast Gutenberg tool. The newly brought changes have a positive impact on the Qubely blocks and the way they work on Gutenberg editor.

With these massive changes inside Qubely, the overall experience on Gutenberg editor with this block toolkit will be 2 times faster than before. Enjoy the fastest page building experience with your favorite Gutenberg block plugin.

Qubely v1.1.3 Changelog

  • New: 2 page templates – Qubely Full Width, Qubely Canvas  
  • Update: Performance improvement  
  • Update: Refactored components & fields  
  • Fix: Post Grid block – Category clickable issue in Edit view

We want to make sure that people get the best ever site-building experience on Gutenberg. Qubely is the surefire way to do so. If you haven’t installed Qubely yet, you are missing a lot of blocks, advanced features, and functionalities. Get Qubely now and speed up your website building experience on Gutenberg. If you are a Qubely user, update Qubely to the latest version to get page templates and performance improvement.