Themeum gets a whole new design with the best ever user experience

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At Themeum, we not only create amazing WordPress themes for our customers’ websites, we also take care of their experience with our own site! Yes, I am talking about Recently we’ve launched a brand new design of our site with lots of new exciting benefits and improvements.

If you’ve been with us for quite a good span of time, you have a clear idea about the previous design of Themeum. A few days ago, we’ve completed rolling out the new design. We’re confident, you will love this. Now let’s take a look at the core improvements of the upgrade.

Resourceful Homepage


We’ve designed the new Themeum site to keep it simple but resourceful. It was a challenge to balance between simplicity and resourcefulness, but finally we’re able to do it. The site homepage has a big Call To Action area where some of the best selling titles are displayed. The frontpage is all about the themes, testimonials, stats and so on. Your journey with our creations starts from the homepage.

New Theme Details Page


The single theme details page has been significantly updated. We’ve studied a lot to learn exactly which information a potential customer wants to learn while visiting a theme’s details/single page. We’ve applied our findings to the new revamped look. Now you get material information about the theme like its price, ratings, last update etcetera on the top of the details page. We fetch stats from Themeforest using API, so every time you visit a page, you get the latest information.

Redesigned Blog Section


You might recall, our previous design didn’t have a sidebar on the blog section. This time we’ve decided to offer you a bit more scope of knowing us, our thoughts and other stuff via the sidebar widgets. That’s why we’ve included a sidebar on the blog pages.

Support Center


With the new design, we’ve introduced a totally new era of our support system. Now we have a unified support center where you will get everything related to support in one place. There is a new Support Ticket feature for the paid theme customers and the traditional community forum is also available.

Online Documentations


Our paid theme documentations are now online. We’ve launched a new documentation portal where the docs are hosted centrally so you can access them from anywhere, anytime. We are continuously improving the online documentation portal to provide the best experience.

I’m pretty sure that you will find the new design more beautiful and more user-friendly. If you have a suggestion to improve the site further, please comment here to share.