Themeum is a Platinum sponsor of WordCamp Pokhara 2018

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Themeum has a tradition of supporting WordPress events from the beginning. We love to support the WordPress community in every way possible. We do it by sponsoring, promoting, and any other ways that are open to us. We have been doing this with a strong ambition in our heart to accelerate open source development and to improve the web with the world’s simplest CMS WordPress.

We are very thrilled to share with you today that Themeum is the Platinum sponsor of WordCamp Pokhara 2018. Pokhara is a very beautiful city floating on the Phewa Lake, Nepal. The city is known as a gateway to the Annapurna Circuit, which is a very popular trail in the Himalayas. This is the first ever WordCamp in the city. We can’t express how delighted we are to be a part of the new journey of this lovely community.

In case you don’t know about WordCamps, per definition, WordCamp is a conference focusing on everything related to WordPress and concerned about the well being of WordPress. They are casual, informal, locally-organized yearly conferences where people from all around the world gather to share their prospects on WordPress.

Coming back to the topic, WordCamp Pokhara 2018 is scheduled to be held on 24th November 2018. Hotel Pokhara Grande, the five-star hotel of Pokhara, Nepal is selected as the venue. Apart from the conference, there are plenty of things to see and experience in Pokhara like Bungee Jump, Trekking, Paragliding or Ultra light flights. And not to mention, you’ll see the name “Themeum” in big letters 😉

We will have our team and a booth in WordCamp Pokhara 2018. You all are invited to join us on the event premises. Hopefully, we will have some quality time together.

Before we go, we’d like to remind you one more time that, at Themeum, we cherish WordPress deep inside our heart and will always respond to the community whenever they need us.