How Tutor LMS Can Be the Complete In-House Training Solution for Your Organization

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You might have put a lot of effort into your organization and employee development. But, to reach your goals you must have a competent workforce too. For this, there are no alternatives to training your employees. Instead of third-party solutions, you can choose an in-house learning program. It will save you precious time and money for hiring external resources.

A perfect training program helps in improving employee engagement and increases employee retention. Also, it ensures employee efficiency, innovation, and productivity to a great extent.

As a professional learning solution, you can choose a Learning Management System (LMS). And, as a hassle-free and ready solution, Tutor LMS would be the tool that can meet your expectations. We’ve designed every feature of this plugin considering user engagement and effectiveness.

Today, in this article we will discuss how Tutor LMS can help your organization in running an in-house digital learning platform. You’ll get to know the benefits of online learning platforms, and how online learning can be beneficial for any organization.

Why Tutor LMS

To design an online training program it is important to pick the right LMS tool. Also, make sure that it is up-to-date and feature-rich.

Tutor LMS offers A-Z elements of a successful eLearning website. It is an all-in-one learning management system. It is suitable for individual instructors, organizations, educational institutions, and all other eLearning platforms. From showcasing online courses, quizzes, grade sheets, and so on you can enjoy all with this plugin.

Whether updates, bug fixes, and features, Tutor LMS stays far ahead in the competition. The growing number of users, migration rate, and all five-star reviews are the ultimate proof of its popularity. 

Creating an eLearning platform using Tutor LMS

Creating an eLearning website with Tutor LMS is not a hard nut to crack. It’s a breeze! For this, all you need is a WordPress site. You can pick your organization’s domain, intranet, or any other platform for this purpose. And later, offer complete online courses by uploading courses/training contents created with Tutor LMS.

Tutor LMS also provides secure access both for its admins and users. So, you can be confident about your company’s privacy and security.

Follow our tutorial to check how to create online courses with Tutor LMS. Also, you can check our documentation for a more detailed understanding.

Types of Training You Can Offer with Tutor LMS

In this competitive era, you must build an efficient workforce to stay in the race. Failure to do so will knock you out of the game. To make a well-versed and dynamic team, there is no other way than training. And, the good news is you can create different types of training programs using Tutor LMS. Besides, you can also customize & control accessibility, set the required skill level, and other features.

Out of numerous options, here we’ve discussed 3 plans that you can implement using Tutor LMS.

  • Pre-employment testing for skill assessment
  • General compliance training
  • Skill-based training 

Let’s have a small overview of the plans at a glance below:

Pre-employment Testing for Skill Assessment: It can be a time-saving and effective approach to shortlisting suitable candidates. It helps an employer to assess employees’ skills and decide whom to call or not. Using Tutor LMS you can create various assessment tests with easy drag and drop options in no time.

General Compliance Training: Give a brief idea about your organization’s rules, regulations, and policies. This type of training also helps employees know and get used to the company culture faster.

Skill Based Training: Skill-based training can positively impact your employee’s productivity and your company. Whether basic, mid or advanced, you can develop a complete training program with ease.

How Tutor LMS can be a Game Changer for Your Organization

Employee training programs can be beneficial in many ways. The most interesting part is that the participants can go through it whenever they wish or even on the go. But any training program will only be effective when designed well. Yet, through successful training, you can expect an entire organization development too.

According to IBM, by spending $1 on online learning, a company gains $30 worth of productivity.

Let’s see below how a good training program can be a major turn around for your organization and employees.

Offer Wide Range of Courses

Tutor LMS is a multi-purpose LMS solution. It is suitable for all training, learning, and development programs. From top to entry-level employees you can set diversified training programs for all.

Enrich Employees with Different Training Programs

Employee training is vital for their career progress and skill development. Also, it helps them perform their daily tasks in a more efficient manner. To create a self-growth opportunity, and organizational development you should arrange regular training programs.

Flexible Learning Experience

Unlike a traditional classroom, there is no fixed time-frame for online learning. The participants can either attend it outside the working hours or after they get home. Thus, it also enables them to concentrate better.

Online Community for an Interactive Learning Experience 

Tutor LMS supports BuddyPress integration. With this, you can build online communities and interact with other members. It also makes the training experience useful and interactive. You’ll be able to experience file sharing, document collaboration, and more features too.

Employee Assessment through Multiple Quiz Segments

You can create 10+ variations of questions using Tutor LMS  for each of your courses. This way, your employees will get to experience various testing methods. Also, as an effective way for employee assessment, this feature has proved its worth.

Saves Cost of External Training

Creating an eLearning platform for your organization can be a cost-saving one. As it exempts you from hiring external trainers and logistics expenses. It is also beneficial for organizations with a limited budget.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

You can analyze any of your course performance. Also, it auto-generates filterable stats. Thus you can track every participant’s progress as well.

Provide Certificate as a Recognition

After the completion of any training, you can reward your employees with certificates.

With drag-and-drop and easy customization features, you can create certificates in no time. Moreover, you do not need any coding skills to complete this task.

To design a certificate, all you need to do is to go to the settings section and select Tutor Certificate. You’ll see a couple of certificate templates and fields to edit. Add the name, company information, and signature to the specific fields and your certificate is ready.

Wrapping Up

The real challenge of a training program is to make it effective yet interactive. You must pay attention to user feedback too to ensure its success. Tutor LMS has been designed keeping in mind that all levels of users can use it with ease. If you are seeking a resourceful LMS solution, you can always choose Tutor LMS without a second thought!

Still, if you have any queries, or suggestions on Tutor LMS please let us know in the comment section.

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