Now You Can Show Tutor LMS Course Enrollment Alerts with NotificationX

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Your eLearning website may have plenty of content to convince visitors to convert. But not all of these draw visitors’ attention. What if something pops up and says who got enrolled in a specific course recently? Your visitors will definitely notice this and may finally decide to be on board. Because customers’ buying decisions get influenced by many factors, seeing people buying a product or getting enrolled in a course is surely one of these. When it comes to eLearning sites, this will create curiosity inside the potential learners and may lead him/her to enrollment.

Do you want to inspire your potential learners this way? NotificationX, one of the best marketing WordPress plugin offers a nifty popup notification system to make it happen. The great news is, NotificationX by WPDeveloper has introduced the plugin’s integration with Tutor LMS. Today we will tell all about that in this post.

NotificationX Integration with Tutor LMS

Since the eLearning websites are all about education and courses, NotificationX shows who got enrolled in any course recently. This would create curiosity in the visitors’ minds to explore the courses which ultimately can lead to enrolment. The eLearning website owners and teachers who want to boost conversions by displaying real-time course enrollment trends, NotificationX opens a broadway for them.

How NotificationX Can Help

It would be great to display course enrollment notifications in some sleek popups. Here are a few of the ways NotificationX can help a course teacher or an LMS platform owner.

  • Display enrollment trends to the visitors and keep them engaged
  • Convince potential learners to explore the trending courses
  • Let the visitors get an idea of your most popular programs
  • Make the visitors confident about getting enrolled in a course
  • Ultimately boost course enrollments & sales and help you earn more

How to Use NotificationX with Tutor LMS

Displaying notifications on eLearning sites is easy with NotificationX. You can flexibly set up NotificationX on your LMS platform. It is just about a few easy steps. 

  • Step 1 – Install and activate NotificationX on your eLearning site
  • Step 2 – Create a course notification campaign by selecting ‘Tutor LMS’ as the Source for Sales Notification as the Notification Type.
  • Step 3 – Choose a notification theme and configure the template content.
  • Step 4 – Customize display options and publish the notification campaign.

We’ve shown you all the steps in brief. For detailed instructions, please visit NotificationX’s official documentation.

Do More with Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a complete eLearning solution on WordPress. It has plenty of add-ons to extend its capabilities. Apart from that, Tutor LMS together with some eLearning-related plugins can offer some more functionalities. Here comes the list of such plugins you can use with Tutor LMS to enrich your online course platform.

  • WP Fusion: Tag users and courses on the basis of different activities & keywords and use those tags with your favorite CRM software.
  • MathJax-LaTeX: Add mathematical equations to the lesson content area. MathJax-LaTeX enables mathjax functionality for WordPress.
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: Create, print & automatically email PDF invoices and packing slips for WooCommerce orders.
  • Yoast SEO: Improve your eLearning site SEO with Yoast. Write better SEO friendly content and have a search engine optimized eLearning site.
  • Funnel Builder by CartFlows: Create beautiful checkout pages and sale flows for WooCommerce.
  • GamiPress: Gamify eLearning websites in just a few minutes. GamiPress lets you award users with digital rewards for interacting with your site.

Tutor LMS offers infinite possibilities for eLearning websites. With NotificationX integration, it takes you one more step ahead. Displaying enrollment notification with NotificationX will potentially increase conversion and help you earn extra bucks with your courses. Keep enlightening the world with Tutor LMS. Good luck.

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