Tutor LMS Fixes Gutenberg Publishing Issue: Gets Improved Quizzes, Withdrawal and More

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Good day, Tutor LMS users! Hope you all have been hygienic and proactive thus far. We’ve come up with something that will relieve you of some of your stress: an important update to Tutor LMS. This update aims to increase the overall “health” of your favorite LMS plugin.

The majority of the changes are bug fixes and enhancements, and will improve your day-to-day usage of the plugin. So, let’s take a look at the changelog for Tutor LMS v1.5.9 and find out the issues we fixed in this update!    


  • Fix: Dashboard > Earning > Statements link fixed from Earning page
  • Fix: The course author flag will only have author name beside it
  • Fix: Instructor search options
  • Fix: Capability to add more than 10 instructors
  • Fix: Fill the gap quiz option is not accepting capital letters
  • Fix: Perfect report showing from starting day to ending day, scenario: Last Month, This Month, Last Week, This Week, Date Range
  • Fix: Cannot publish course if Gutenberg editor enabled in back-end course builder
  • Fix: In Image Matching questions, the image covers the answer choices
  • Fix: Withdrawal time zone issue
  • Fix: One instructor can view others’ withdrawal amount
  • Fix: (Oxygen Builder Integration) Student getting Instructor dashboard
  • Fix: Some spelling issues 

Gutenberg Editor Course Builder Fix

In the old versions, if you were creating a course with the Gutenberg editor, the publish course option would not work. The course had to be reviewed again to be published. Now, you will directly be able to publish the course from the Gutenberg back-end. 

Quiz Improvements

The quiz portion of Tutor LMS is a very crucial one. It’s also one of the most favorites of the user base. As a result, we want to keep the health of the quiz builder and the quiz itself as high as possible. 2 new fixes related to quizzes have been issued. 

Fill the gaps questions will now ignore different letter cases, i.e.: it is not case sensitive. In previous versions, if an instructor selects the answer as “Stack” and if the student answered “stack”, it would be counted as a mistake. Now, it will not match the exact letter case.

In the Image Matching questions, the images will sometimes be on top of the options, making it impossible to answer. This is now fixed in the new update. 

Withdrawal Issue

2 issues with the Withdrawal menu in the Instructor dashboard have been patched in this update. 

Time zone issue with the withdrawal menu has been fixed. Now, the system will show the correct time on the correct time zone in the “Requested at” column. 

In certain situations, an instructor could view other instructor’s withdrawal requests in their withdrawal menus. This error is now patched and an instructor will only see his/her requests.

Wrapping Up

Today’s update will improve the overall health of the Tutor LMS plugin, and give you a better experience in the long-run. 

We want to help you create the eLearning platform of your dreams, and this update will bring Tutor LMS closer to our goals. So, go to your WordPress dashboard, and update it right away! We get feedback for a lot of stuff from you, the user base. Keep commenting and talking to us, and we will be looking!

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