Tutor LMS Is Sponsoring WordCamp Asia 2023!

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Tutor LMS Is Sponsoring WordCamp Asia 2023!

Hello folks! As you’ve guessed from the title, Tutor LMS is once again participating in WordCamp, this time for Asia, to be held in Thailand. This is a very exciting time for the WordPress Community, us included! 

This is also quite a special time for the Asian WordPress Community in particular as it’s the very first flagship WordCamp in Asia! Previously held flagship WordCamps include WordCamp US, Europe, and Centroamérica so this event has been a long time coming.

Keep on reading to find out further details about WordCamp Asia 2023!

WordCamp Asia 2023 at a Glance

Date: February 17th through February 19th, 2023

Place: Bangkok, Thailand


Bag The Swags Made For You

Now, who doesn’t love fun goodies right? As always, we’ve designed ours with WordCamp in mind and the end result is something that will definitely catch your eye! So don’t forget to visit the Tutor LMS booth to grab our fun swags made especially for you before they run out! 

Alongside that, you’ll also get to meet some awesome members of our Tutor LMS team and you’ll be able to chat about our products, future updates, and relay your thoughts to us in person!

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Tutor LMS & WordCamp: A Long-Standing History

As you may know, Tutor LMS & WordCamp have a long-standing history, having sponsored these events many times before such as WordCamp in St. Louis, US 2019, ​​Europe 2019, Kolkata 2019, Dhaka 2019, Pokhara 2018, Nashville, US 2018, and more! 

Every WordCamp event thus far has been a ball and we expect no less for this one. So let us gather together in community spirit once again!

See You At WordCamp!

So are you fired up for WordCamp Asia yet? We hope you are because we can’t wait to meet you in the land of smiles which is Thailand! So until then, this is us signing off. See you soon!