Tutor LMS Tasks You Can Automate and How To Go About It

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Tutor LMS Tasks You Can Automate and How To Go About It

Running an eLearning site is like running a well-oiled machine. To manage it successfully is no small feat, more so when you want to provide the most for your customers. Hence today’s topic — Tutor LMS Tasks You Can Automate and How to Go About It.

Tutor LMS is a powerful eLearning tool on its own, but if certain tasks can be automated, you can achieve next-level user experience for your eLearning site users. So without beating around the bush, let’s get into the meat of the matter straightaway!

Why Automate Your LMS Tasks

So what exactly are the benefits of Automating your Tutor LMS tasks you ask? Well, as your eLearning site continues to grow, you’ll notice certain things become more and more time-consuming. Not only that but at a certain point, it can also get quite tricky to manually manage such things.

Automating your Tutor LMS tasks can not only speed up these processes, leaving you free to manage other things but it may also be a more cost-effective solution when compared to hiring extra staff for the same purpose.

Such a tool can also help you make your LMS site more scalable and allow room for growth. A good automation tool will complete its job no matter if it’s 500 users or 5000. However, it’s a vastly different story if such a tool is not in the picture.

Moreover, with the help of automation, you can also provide a better user experience. For instance, instead of a user having to manually find a course group to join, you can set it so that they’re automatically added to the group when they successfully enroll in the course.

Automation also helps you market your LMS site more efficiently. One such way is to send tailored emails targeted towards specific users based on their actions rather than sending generic mail to them all.

Tutor LMS Tasks You Can Automate

You can automate a wide range of Tutor LMS tasks depending on which tool you use and we touched upon this earlier when we explained its benefits using examples. 

On the one hand, some tools focus on Email Marketing Automation specifically that can help you automatically send promotional emails to a selective audience, run email campaigns, and more.

On the other hand, are automation tools focused on simplifying the day-to-day activities of an e-learning site. This may include features like automatic social media updates, adding students to course-related groups upon enrollment, onboarding emails upon registration, and more. 

Usually, all of these actions will be triggered by an event that you define and some of these tools even have the option to create flows that include conditions. Based on this condition, you can define two different actions for ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ which will further help in refining your automated process.

How To Automate Tutor LMS Tasks

Automating Tutor LMS tasks is all well and good but how do you go about it? Well, it’s quite simple really. The first step to do this is to find an automation plugin that fits your needs and is compatible with your Tutor LMS Site.

Choosing an Automator Plugin

Luckily for our Tutor LMS users, you’ll find that you have plenty of options to choose from as many such plugins are compatible with Tutor LMS. These plugins are discussed in more detail below:

1. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is one of the most powerful WordPress automation plugins around and can basically be your one-stop automation solution. 

This freemium tool boasts a simple no-code visual builder and you can get your Tutor LMS tasks automated in minutes. To get started, all you have to do is create a new Recipe i.e. a set of instructions that tell the system to complete an action when a specified event is triggered.

Apart from Tutor LMS, Uncanny Automator also boasts a whole host of other integrations which means you can easily create Recipes that connect those plugins with Tutor. 

To name a few of these integrations, we have:

  • BadgeOS
  • BuddyPress
  • GamiPress
  • Google Calendar (and Google Sheets)
  • Instagram
  • WooCommerce
  • And many more!

2. WP Webhooks

WP Webhooks is another freemium WordPress automator plugin. Similar to the previous plugin, you can use this tool to create Triggers to send data, Actions to receive data, and Flows to connect a Trigger to an Action.

The plugin also boasts a wide range of extensions to platforms such as Divi, Easy Digital Downloads, Elementor, Fluent CRM, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and more! 

This, along with its simple no-code interface makes it possible to put your Tutor LMS site on autopilot while you work on expanding your business!

3. Fluent CRM

Next on our list, we have Fluent CRM, an amazing email marketing automator plugin for WordPress. Using this handy tool, you will be able to completely automate your online marketing and get amazing results!

With a cool feature like Smart Contact Segment, you can group your users into various lists and send them personalized emails! Not only that but you’ll also be able to see a bird’s eye view of each contact’s details with the 360 Contacts Overview feature. 

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve with this plugin not to mention the tons of integrations it also offers. 

4. WP Fusion

Another marketing automator plugin of note is WP Fusion. With the help of this tool, you can create uniquely designed engagement campaigns to better target your users. In addition to that, you can also track user purchases and subscriptions, recover abandoned carts, target students based on course progress, and more!

In summary, this plugin can help you not only boost lead generation but also improve the users’ site experience. And like the other plugins on this list, this also plays well with other tools like:

  • BadgeOS
  • BuddyPress
  • Divi
  • GamiPress
  • WooCommerce
  • And More! 

5. Groundhogg

Last on our list is Groundhogg, another marketing automator plugin for WordPress. This plugin will allow you to create marketing automation funnels, automate email campaigns, and basically act as a CRM for your Tutor LMS site.

Handy features like Contact Collection and Management, Automated Sales Funnels, Automated Email Marketing, Tracking, Reports, etc make promoting your eLearning site a breeze!

Install and Activate

There are quite a few amazing WordPress automator plugins out there and we’ve tried our best to go over a wide variety of these in this article. So once you find one that fits your requirements, the next step is to install and activate it.

This process is the same as how you would install and activate any other WordPress plugin. 

From your Tutor LMS site’s backend dashboard head over to Plugins > Add New. If your plugin of choice has a free version, then you can simply use the search field to find it.

If you’re using a paid automator plugin, first download the file you purchased onto your local device. Then, from Plugins > Add New, click on Upload Plugin > Choose File and locate the file you just downloaded. 

Finally, click on Install and activate your plugins. Now you’re all set to start automating your Tutor LMS powered site!

Wrapping Up

In this day and age, automation really is the way to go and as you can see, there are tons of handy tools available that make it possible. Did any of the plugins we mentioned catch your eye? Or is there one that you’d like to share? 

Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section and do let us know what your thoughts are on automating Tutor LMS tasks. So until next time, adios!