Tutor LMS Updated with Enhanced Enrollments, Grading, Certificate System, and More

Good morning Tutor LMS explorers! This week, we’ve issued another update to support you in your eLearning adventures. We’ve noticed that the online education industry has suddenly started booming due to the global situation. As a result, we’ve tried to give Tutor LMS our highest priority and today we’ve update it once more. 

Let’s get to the fun part! Here’s the changelog for this update of Tutor LMS:

  • New: Display Name preference for the certificate, added settings to Dashboard > Settings > Profile
  • Added: Custom HTML support on question description.
  • Added: New quiz status- Pending Review for open ended questions and short questions.
  • Fix: Tutor LMS > Enrollments was showing the same date for all items
  • Fix: Dashboard does not show more than 10 courses.
  • Fix: File format validation on the frontend for video.
  • Fix:  Withdraw preference link on the frontend dashboard.
  • Fix: “What will I learn” section is hidden from enrolled students.
  • Fix: A couple of strings were not included in the translation file.

Certificate Enhancements

We’ve made Tutor LMS certificates a bit more customizable. Now you can change the display name on the certificate if you want it to be different. We’ve added a preference field in Dashboard > Settings > Profile for you to change the display name on the generated certificates.

Enrollment Date Issue Fixed

This fix aims to mitigate the issue related to enrollment dates. Before, all enrollment dates were mistakenly shown as being on the same date. This version of Tutor LMS will fix this issue.

Instant Quiz Results Tweaked

In previous versions, even open-ended and short description questions (these require manual review for marking) were marked instantly as wrong until the instructor reviewed them manually. In this update, we hope to give more clear feedback in the result publication. Now, the system will mark manual review questions as “Pending” instead.

Wrapping Up

Tutor LMS has grown by a huge margin in the last couple of months, and we’ve come to think of it as a thin silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are taking to their screens for online learning than ever before, and we have to grow with our user base to make sure our plugin does not fall behind. That’s why the Tutor LMS team is working day and night to make sure that our product is of the top quality. 

To maintain the best quality, we will need your help! Your feedback on our product is what keeps its wheels going. So, keep reaching out to us, whether it’s through our contact form, comments, or our Tutor LMS Facebook group. We’ll be checking them out for sure!

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  • Kamalahasan K August 14, 2020

    I have one more comment on the cerificate customisation. in our education portal, multiple instructors are registered and course are publshed by them. The issues, while issuing the digital certifcate, only one instructor’s signature is appearing. There should be an option that who are all rgistering as instructors, their name and digital signature should be appeared in the e -certificate. Will this option included in future versions?

    • Sekander August 14, 2020

      Yes, we will try to add the specific instructor’s signature feature by the end of this year.

  • Kamalahasan K August 14, 2020

    The Quiz doesnt have the options to add equations and Mathematical formulae. Will these options avaiable in future revisons?

    • Sekander August 14, 2020

      We do not have plans to add LaTeX or any other mathematical libraries at this moment. Some of the members in our Facebook group mentioned that KaTeX works fine with Tutor LMS. You may check that. You can find our group by searching “Tutor LMS Community”

  • doha.ak.2020 May 20, 2020

    Hello your plugin is very useful
    but we would like to have in your next updates the autoplay on tutor’s video players

  • gopu_aie May 16, 2020

    i updated and my pro menus disappeared 🙁

    • Sekander May 16, 2020

      Please make sure you have not edited the plugin folder name for the Pro plugin. It should be “tutor-pro”.

      If the folder name is correct and still not working, please use the contact form on our site to get support.

  • Udara Uragoda May 15, 2020

    I updated both Tutor LMS and PRO. But cant see display name dropdown shown above

    • Sekander May 16, 2020

      As far I can remember, you have overridden the templates from your theme. This is why you’re unable to use the new features.

      Please override only the specific files you need to.

  • Dwconsult May 15, 2020

    It would be nice to allow students to save notes on a particular course

  • ray@cfpathways.com May 14, 2020

    I love Tutor LMS but I wish you had the ability to view student progress for a course. I do not use quizzes, so monitoring someone’s progress of completion is not possible.

    • kawshar May 15, 2020

      We are working on the student progress report. Update will be available by a couple of weeks.