Tutor LMS Update v2.1.7 Introduces Weglot Integration and Other Performance Optimizations

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It’s a good day for Tutor LMS users as we are back with another update for our favorite LMS. Tutor LMS v2.1.7 brings big updates for enhanced multilingual support across the board and great optimization improvements for a smoother eLearning experience. So buckle up and join us as we go over the update and highlight the key elements of v2.1.7. 

So let’s take a look at all the changes coming up in this update in the changelog below:

Tutor LMS v2.1.7 Changelog:

  • New: Weglot Integration is onboarded as an Add-on with Tutor LMS.
  • Update: The “View Certificate” button now loads the certificate on a WordPress native page. This change has been brought for 3rd party compatibility.
  • Update: On the Front-site Course Details page, the title Course Content was appearing even when there was no content.
  • Update: Performance enhancement for the Instructor List page.
  • Update: Duplicated courses were adding the word “Copy” on every course content, which was not intended
  • Update: Compatibility with the latest WPML plugin is introduced.
  • Update: Query optimization for the Course List, Course Details, and Lesson page was introduced. 
  • Update: Overall Query execution time reduced and improved page load speeds. 
  • Update: The backend courses page has better query handling.  
  • Update: Missing Strings have been added to improve the overall translation experience. 
  • Fix: Course could not be duplicated for admin as a co-author.
  • Fix: In an Assignment, the “Duration time” and “Remaining time” were not translatable.
  • Fix: The Reveal Mode was not working when “Question below each other” is selected.

Weglot Is Now Part of the Tutor LMS Arsenal

Weglot is a powerful translation plugin that allows eLearning creators to easily translate their course content into multiple languages. With its user-friendly interface users can easily manage translations without any coding knowledge. 

We are happy to share that Weglot is now onboarded as an add-on with Tutor LMS. Users can expect seamless translation features with Weglot and Tutor LMS for an amazing eLearning experience. 

WPML Saw Some Compatibility Upgrades With Tutor LMS

We can already tell that this update has brought a lot of welcomed changes to translations and Tutor LMS for better multilingual support. WPML users can expect to have better translation with the frontend pages in Tutor LMS. The Course Builder now also has better translation compatibility with WPML. 

While a lot of the updates with WPML were under-the-hood enhancements, we have to add a special note for our users to enjoy a seamless experience using Tutor LMS. 

NOTE: When configuring the Language URL format for WPML, we recommend our users stick with the default selected setting; that is the “Different languages in directories” option.

Language URL format for WPML

Miscellaneous Improvements

This update has improved an aspect of the duplicate course feature. Duplicated course contents were all having the word “copy” included with the title, so if the original course had a quiz called “Quiz 1” the copy quiz was titled “Quiz 1 copy”. This was unintended and has been fixed. 

There have been multiple query management enhancements across many parts of Tutor LMS. With query optimization, certain Tutor LMS pages and tabs now have better load speeds as well, for example, the backend course pages, the course list page, the course details page, and many others. 

Wrapping Up

The update is currently available and can be used! Both the free and paid versions have been made available. To get all the improvements and updates, visit your site dashboard and update right now.

Please let us know in the comments if there are any problems you are having with Tutor LMS, and we will put it on our list right away. Sayonara!