Tutor LMS Updated: Add Videos Using Shortcode, Security Update, And More

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Howdy folks, we know you guys are eagerly waiting for the update of Tutor LMS 2.0 and we are almost ready with it. But we didn’t want to leave out valued existing users on the loose and not provide any improvements that can be made.

That’s not who we are. We have always been passionate about building tools that will ease your life and help you compete with the big guys. And in that vision, we are releasing a brand new update for both our free and pro plugins right with some big security improvements along with fixes & improvements.

Changelog of Tutor 1.9.14 (Free & Pro)

  • New: Now you can add Videos using a Shortcode
  • Fix: Issue of HTML codes disappearing after saving a Quiz
  • Fix: Issue regarding video not working using Embedded code
  • Fix: Presto Player Shortcode wasn’t saving in the video source
  • Fix: The wrong assignment was being displayed on the student reports page
  • Fix: Deleted user’s name section was showing error text on the analytics page
  • Update: Better user input field sanitization to prevent SQL Injection
  • Update: Better security of HTML output of user-provided input
  • Update: XSS vulnerability protection is made stronger

Now Add Videos Using Shortcode

With the latest release of Tutor LMS, we are introducing the capability to add videos using Shortcode. Some video player plugins for WordPress deliver a shortcode for the hosted videos. From now on, in the Tutor LMS course builder, you will now see a new Shortcode option while choosing your video source.

As an example, if you have hosted a video using Presto Player, you will get a shortcode for that video. Just copy & paste that shortcode and use it by choosing the new Shortcode source option.

Tutor LMS video source using Shortcode

Significant Security Update

In this massive security update, we are bringing major security updates for the existing users. We are introducing better HTML sanitization, a stronger SQL injection prevention method, and stronger than ever XSS vulnerability protection.

These security improvements should make your LMS site more secure than ever against malicious actors. So you concentrate on building your eLearning site rather being worried all about security.

Update Today to Get All The Benefits

By now you should be able to see an update notification on your WordPress dashboard. Hit Update now and start getting all the benefits of the latest additions to your favorite LMS plugin.