Tutor LMS v1.5.6 – Feature Image in Lesson, Search Improvements & More

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Tutor LMS

Hello tutors! At the end of this week, we’ve come up with a new update for Tutor LMS. This week’s update, we aimed towards fixing some of the issues we had in the previous versions. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the changelog before a detailed look at the enhancements. 


  • New: Feature image support for lessons
  • Fix: Courses per page issue on course archives in Divi Builder
  • Fix: Search issue on custom course archive pages
  • Fix: Redirect to next lesson issue after completing lessons (headers sent)

New: Feature Image in Lessons

As soon as you’ve updated to the latest version of Tutor LMS (v1.5.6), you’ll notice a new field “Feature Image” in the lesson editing interface. This feature image will help the user gauge what this lesson covers at a glance. Feature images can reflect what this lesson is about and what it includes visually. 

Fixes and Enhancements

Tutor LMS is enhanced with new fixes to improve the user experience. The course per page option in the Divi course archive had an issue that is now fixed. Moreover, a fix for the redirection issue has been deployed as well. 

Wrapping Up

There’s a lot of work going into Tutor LMS as we are aiming to make it the most feature-rich WordPress LMS platform. These updates will pave the way for the future as we reach our goals. As always, we have you all to thank because of so much insightful feedback that we receive. So keep commenting, and keep emailing. We will definitely be reading and responding!

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