Tutor LMS v1.8.6: New Search Parameters and Toast Messages in Assignments, Emailing System, and Minor Fixes

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Good day Tutor LMS users! Hope you all are doing well. In this week’s version of your favorite LMS plugin, we’ve included some interesting new changes and improvements to level up your eLearning platform. 

Tutor LMS v1.8.6 Changelog:

  • New: Search assignments by Student Name
  • New: Toast message added after evaluating assignments
  • New: Updated process for sending Announcement and Content Drip emails
  • Fix: Disabling Content Drip email not working
  • Fix: Import quizzes not working for Windows users due to file type error
  • Fix: Instructors profile photos were not saving in the WordPress admin panel

New Search Parameter and Toast Messages in Assignments

In a recent version of Tutor LMS, we’ve added a redesigned and restructured panel to manage assignments in the backend admin panel which included a search filter option. But the assignments were not searchable using the student name, which we felt was necessary. Therefore, this version is to address that lacking and now you can search using the student’s name in the same search field. 

Toast Message Confirming Assignment Evaluation

A new toast message has been added to confirm you have successfully evaluated an assignment.

New Emailing Process for All Announcements and Content Drip

We’ve updated the emailing process for Tutor LMS, especially for announcements and content drip. This is done to make sure that sites with bigger audiences don’t have issues while sending out email notifications. 

For a reliable and smooth emailing experience, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED make sure to go through this documentation and follow it to set up a native mailer cron job.

The default mailer of WordPress relies on a visitor’s http request as a trigger when sending out emails. Typically, it’s not an issue when single transactions are concerned like enrollments, course publish and so on. But when it concerns bulk emailing events such as announcements and content drip it’s recommended that you use the native server’s mailer cron so that emails are sent out properly, consistently, and on time.

Wrapping Up

That basically sums up all that the newest version of Tutor LMS has to offer. So, which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!