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Tutor LMS v1.9.2: New Push Notification Addon for All Site-Wide Activities

Good Day, Tutor LMS users! Hope you all are happy, healthy, and safe! Today we are back and updating Tutor LMS to its newest version v1.9.2.

This update will bring some cutting edge features, improvements and enable you to gain more control over your site. So folks, without holding your patience for long, let’s jump into today’s brand new changes and updates of Tutor LMS.

Tutor LMS  v1.9.2 Changelog:

  • New: Push notification add-on
  • New: Show a removable warning in WordPress admin dashboard if signup disabled
  • Update: Updated design in the forgot password page
  • Update: Enroll button text changed to ‘Start Learning’ for public courses
  • Update: Quiz question field placeholder text change
  • Fix: Courses by other instructors now showing in course archives
  • Fix: Instructor rejected notice is visible forever
  • Fix: Last question in a quiz can be submitted without answering even if required
  • Fix: Texts after double quote not showing in quiz info and question input field on edit
  • Fix: Comma inside quiz title and description causes error in import/export
  • Fix: Assignment metadata not saving while creating an assignment
  • Fix: Some texts in email were not translatable
  • Fix: XSS vulnerability in announcement summary

New Push Notification Addon 

With this update, we’ve added a very interesting feature for instructors, administrators, and students of sending notification whenever an on-site action takes place. These notifications are an added way of interaction between the several kinds of users in your eLearning website. Previously, the only way of notifying a user about site activity was through email; push notifications allow you to have a separate avenue of notifying the user. For the time being, we have several push notification types that can be enabled or disabled from the settings panel. 

To enable this Push Notification addon, please navigate to your backend admin panel, and then Tutor LMS Pro > Addons > Push Notification. This will unlock the settings panel for push notifications. The settings panel can be found in Tutor LMS Pro > Settings > Push Notifications. If you need more information regarding the Push Notification addon, please visit our documentation here.

Please note that this feature will not work if your site does not have SSL certificate installed.

Please make sure that you meet these requirements to enable the Push Notification addon:

  • PHP Version 7.2.5 or newer
  • PHP Extensions: curl, gmp, mbstring, openssl
  • SSL Certificate

If you are missing any of the extensions, or are using an outdated version of PHP, please contact your site administrator as soon as possible and ask for assistance BEFORE enabling this addon.

If you do not have an SSL certificate on your website, please make sure that you have that installed and configured properly as well. Because Push Notifications WILL NOT work without a valid SSL Certificate. This is a matter of security and SSL is a requirement for sending out browser notifications; browsers don’t just let any websites send out notifications.

Push Notifications for Announcements

With the release of this brand new addon, announcements have also gotten a slight upgrade. While publishing an announcement, admins or instructors will be asked whether they want to send out push notifications. This allows them to prioritize announcements and decide whether it is an urgent announcement (send both notifications) or not (send only email notification).

Other Notable Changes

In addition to today’s update, we have also improved some existing features and fixed issues of the previous version.

Update: Enroll button text changed to ‘Start Learning’ for public courses

We’ve made improvements in the student enrollment button. When you set public access to a course, students will see “Start Learning” text on the enrollment button of a course thumbnail or inside the course itself.

Fix: Courses by other instructors now showing in course archives

In previous versions, an instructor could only view their own courses in a course archive page. Even if filters were not applied, courses from other instructors were not showing up. This issue has now been fixed and instructors will see all available courses on the course archive page.

Fix: Instructor rejected notice is visible forever

In the earlier versions if an instructor’s application got rejected it used to show in their dashboard. We’ve fixed that issue with the latest version by enabling a hide option to dismiss the rejection notice.

Fix: Last question in a quiz can be submitted without answering even if required

With this update, we’ve enhanced the quizzes slightly. Now students can’t submit the last question without answering. 

Fix: Some text were previously not translatable

Previously users had issues with translating specific text while sending emails. This issue has been fixed and now you can translate the texts of your email seamlessly.

Fix: Assignment metadata not saving while creating an assignment

We’ve fixed the metadata issue with the assignment addon. In previous versions, assignment metadata was not being saved when creating an assignment. Now you can save metadata of your assignment at the time of creating it which previously you needed to add after assignment creation.

Wrapping Up

Today’s Tutor LMS v1.9.2 update was all about ensuring you a more updated, convenient and improved user-experience. We hope this cool upgrade will strengthen your journey with Tutor LMS and make your eLearning experience more robust. Until we come again with our next update stay happy and blessed.

Do you have any questions about Tutor LMS v1.9.2? You can leave us a comment below!

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  • [email protected]
    June 23, 2021

    Ihave a tutor lms pro, and our class is with zoom,I want to know how one student can book 2 times and more classes with a tutor? I work with an Amelia app to solve booking problems, but one student couldn’t buy 2 times and more courses, what should I do?For example when a student books for 10-11 Am and she wants to buy a course at 11-12 AM too, she can’t because the profile just shows “start course” and doesn’t have a panel for buying another course, what should I do?

    • Sekander
      June 24, 2021


      I am sorry to inform you that we do not have the feature to accommodate such plans at this moment. You may hire a developer to help you add features to allow students use the features of Amelia.

  • tanmay.capritech
    June 22, 2021

    Not a good update, the add ons options reduced and the site now shows error that user registration is disabled, please help at the earliest!!!!!

    • Sekander
      June 22, 2021

      Hey Tanmay,
      We are investigating the issue. We have found that only the sites that have PHP 7.4.20 is causing problems.

      Only the add-on list gets hidden. The functionalities are still intact. So, there is nothing to worry.

      If you want, you can download the older version and install that till we release a new fix.