Tutor LMS Updated to v1.9.7: New Features, Improvements, Fixes, and More

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Tutor LMS updated to v1.9.7

This pandemic has taken a big toll on our day-to-day life. But we are proud that our industry-standard LMS plugins “Tutor LMS” have been recognized by many to be a reliable tool in building their online learning system.

And today we have great news. There is a new update to Tutor LMS with multiple new user-requested features, fixes, and many improvements over the previous version. To get a better idea about the release we have added the full changelog below.

Tutor v1.9.7 changelog. 


  • New: Filters for instructor list in the backend dashboard
  • New: Previous button for a single quiz (default enabled from settings)
  • New: Pop up for review after course completion
  • Update: “Add Option” button for the “True/False” quiz is disabled by default
  • Update: Redundant demo link for quizzes are removed 
  • Update: Improved loading icon while generating a certificate
  • Update: New “Go home” button added for “Access Denied Page” when registration is disabled
  • Update: Zoom API key check and save actions combined
  • Update: Meeting host dropdown disabled
  • Fix: Course topic title and description editing issue
  • Fix: Duplicate order statements in earning section of instructor profile
  • Fix: Date Formats of Tutor LMS were not matched with the set WordPress date format
  • Fix: Translations issues for several internal texts
  • Fix: PHP error for content drip addon while trying to fetch property post_type of non-object
  • Fix: Header footer shown twice while using Oxygen Tutor LMS integration

Introducing Filtering Options in the Instructor’s Section

Now with the latest update, you as an admin of your LMS platform will be able to use filter options to keep track of your instructor’s listing. The new filtering options will help you to see an overview, find out the specific information that you need, and so on.

Note: The ascending/descending order is shown by the profile creating date.

Previous Question Button for the Single Quiz

Now your student will be able to use a newly implemented previous button to go back to a prior quiz. This option will be enabled by default. You can choose to either disable it or enable it based on your requirement.

Pop-up Asking for a Review After Course Completion

This one was a highly requested feature by users. From now on students will be asked to review their completed course once they have clicked the “Complete Course” button.

Note: If you disable the course review option from Tutor LMS settings, the pop-up option will be disabled as well.

Fix for Duplicate Order Statements in Instructor Profile

Disclaimer: This was shown only in earning statement. It had no effect on the total earning calculation.

An issue was raised regarding duplicated statements showing the instructor dashboard’s earning section. You will be glad to know that the duplicate statement issue has been resolved with the latest release. Even if a duplicated statement was shown in the earning section on the dashboard, the total earning calculation was always shown correctly. The duplicate issue had no effect on the correct earning value.

Update Your Tutor LMS Today

Apart from the mentions above, there are multiple fixes and improvements implemented with the latest update. Offering a better experience than ever before.

To take advantage of all that’s new, we urge that you update as soon as possible. And if you have any queries do comment down below. Till the next update. And stay safe.