The Tutor LMS WordCamp Asia 2023 Experience

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As the sun began to set on the final day of WordCamp Asia 2023, the air was filled with a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. With the Tutor LMS team back home we can’t help but reminisce about the fantastic event that took place. Join us to take a moment to go through the highlights of WordCamp Asia 23 for Tutor LMS. We are grateful to the people who made the event so great and are very happy to have been a part of it.

Through this article you, our readers, can live vicariously and share the exciting moments of the event for Tutor LMS. So let’s dive in and relive the experience. 

The Tutor LMS Stall 

The Tutor LMS Stall Wordcamp Asia 2023
The Tutor LMS Stall

Our journey started with setting up our stall at the WordCamp event in Bangkok, Thailand. We made sure our home for the few days of the event was as exciting for visitors as it was for us to create. Tutor LMS had a bunch of goodies at the stall for visitors to take back home. From bags to Tutor LMS printed t-shirts we wanted all visitors to have a token from Tutor LMS to commemorate this fantastic event. 

While Themeum is not new to being a WordCamp sponsor, Tutor LMS had its debut being the main attraction. Tutor LMS was the highlight of WordCamp Asia 2023 for Themeum, so of course we had to go all out with the swag. We hope visitors have enjoyed the memento and will remember it every time they have a swig of water from the Tutor LMS flasks!

A Glimpse of the Team Behind Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS team Wordcamp Asia 2023
Tutor LMS team and Themeum CEO, Kawshar Ahmed with WPCS CCO, Roger Rosweide

At the WordCamp 2023 event, we had some of the brilliant minds behind Tutor LMS represent us at the event. In the land of smiles, Thailand, our team was ready to welcome everyone with heartfelt smiles. We had many excited visitors to the Tutor LMS stall to learn more about our favorite LMS and meet the team behind it. It always helps to appreciate a product if you know the individuals behind the scenes.

Tutor LMS team Wordcamp Asia 2023
Tutor LMS team Members at the stall

We can see the Tutor LMS team having insightful conversations with esteemed visitors from various WordPress industry experts. This event set the stage for Tutor LMS to be highlighted at a WordCamp event for the first time as the main attraction from Themeum. The team was extremely thrilled to promote Tutor LMS to the industry.  

Discussions and Meetups at The Event

Themeum CEO Kawshar Ahmed Wordcamp Asia 2023
Themeum CEO, Kawshar Ahmed with WPCS CCO, Roger Rosweide

Aside from meeting with fans and users of Tutor LMS from around the world, we had the great opportunity to meet with other sponsors and representatives of some incredible creators of WordPress. A highlight of the event for us and a very fruitful meeting was with Roger Rosweide, Co-Founder & CCO of WPCS.io.

Mr. Rosweide came on behalf of the CEO of WPCS.io to talk with Themeum CEO, Kawshar Ahmed, and the Tutor LMS team to discuss future prospects of possible collaborations. We are so excited for what the future holds and are grateful to have met with such an amazing individual. 

Tutor LMS AVP of Business Development with Yoast Product Lead

We also met with members of the Yoast team and had a wonderful time talking shop with them. A very productive session took place with Bob Breukhoven, Product Lead of Yoast. Mr. Breaukhoven along with members of the Yoast team came by to have a talk about better compatibility of Yoast SEO with Tutor LMS and some of our other products.

Tutor LMS and Bluehost Team Members

Some expert minds from the Bluehost team also came by the Tutor LMS stall. We had a lovely chat with them about the ins and outs of the WordPress industry, but it wasn’t all work as we found time to take a lovely picture with them. We hope to meet Micah Wood and members of the Bluehost team again. 

Tutor LMS Team and Respected Users

Tutor LMS Team Member with Tutor LMS User Frederick Coleman

Last but not least we had some of our most precious visitors, our users, come to drop by the stall and have a chat with the team. This really was a humbling moment to meet our users firsthand and get to know their experience in using Tutor LMS. It fills us with joy & motivation to know how our users are empowering their businesses with Tutor LMS.

Tutor LMS team members with Dr. Tech CEO, Martin Ronfort

We had an amazing meetup with Dr. Tech CEO and Founder, Martin Ronfort, who is also a user of Tutor LMS. Meeting with Mr. Ronfort gave us insights on how Tutor LMS is driving businesses forward.

We hope to keep making Tutor LMS more and more powerful with every iteration amassing users from all over the globe. 

Wrapping up the Event With Big Hopes for the Future

That’s a wrap for Tutor LMSs big days out. WordCamp Asia 2023 was an incredible experience for us all. From meeting with big names in the WordPress industry to hearing updates about WordPress over the 3-day event on what’s to come this year we could not be more thrilled. We hope the coming year will spell immense growth for Tutor LMS. Do keep your eyes peeled for collaborations and big things that are coming your way. We hope to see you all in a future WordCamp again. See you!