Tutor LMS comes with powerful addons each serving a different purpose to give you
the freedom to craft your dream eLearning site.

Certificate Builder

Design certificates that align with your eLearning brand and your students would love to show off!

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Tutor LMS Certificate Builder

Course Bundle

Create course bundles and sell multiple courses together. Elevate course sales by bundling courses.

Google Meet

Easily conduct video meetings for Tutor LMS courses and individual lessons with Google Meet.


Let students see assignments’ due date, upcoming ones, and more in a wonderful event calendar


Get and serve notifications on assignments, quizzes, Q&A, enrollments, instructorship, and more.

WPML Multilingual CMS

Teach in any language by creating a multilingual eLearning site on WordPress with Tutor LMS and WPML

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Easily monetise your eLearning site with subscription-based pricing model


Create a community around your WordPress LMS website using BuddyPress integration.

Restricts Content Pro

Sell site-wide membership and restrict content within the members with RCP.

Google Classroom

Share classroom posts and other stream posts directly within the Tutor LMS course page.

Paid Memberships Pro

Create membership-based monetization plans and manage content easily.


Host live online classes. Students can attend live classes right from the lesson page.

Multi Instructor

Allow multiple instructors in the same course to improve collaboration. Scale the site up!

Quiz Export/Import

Save time by exporting and importing quiz data easily. Be more efficient!


Generate in-depth statistics of courses, sales, students, and more on your eLearning site.


Gain advanced and manual control over student enrollment on the LMS website.


Generate verifiable certificates that the students get after their course completion.


Show student progress from assignments and quizzes. A great way to measure the impact!


Create assignments to evaluate the understanding of the students and their perception.


Specify which course(s) a student must complete before enrolling in a particular course.


Send out automated and customized emails on various Tutor LMS triggered events.

Course Preview

Set any lesson as a preview for potential students to try out before buying.

Course Attachments

Add unlimited attachments or private files to any of your Tutor LMS courses.

Content Drip

Schedule lessons, quizzes, and assignments for publishing at specified times.

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