Tutor LMS v1.7.0 Update: Duplicate Any Course to Save Time, Set Per Instructor Commission, More New Features & Fixes

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Tutor LMS update v1.7.0

Greetings LMS enthusiasts! Today, we’re here to talk not just about your favorite LMS plugin, but also about a huge milestone for all of us. Tutor LMS has received 200 “5-star reviews” on the WordPress plugin directory. We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thank you for this support. 

We’ve also got something cool to show you today. Tutor LMS is being updated to v1.7.0, adds loads of features, and enhances previous ones to make it even more robust. To make it easy to understand the new additions, here is the full changelog.

Tutor LMS v1.7.0 Changelog

  • New: Duplicate any course from the Tutor LMS course list
  • New: Set commission per instructor
  • New: Instructor signature on the certificate
  • New: Option to disable certificate for a particular course
  • New: Option to disable Q&A for a specific course
  • New: Force download for course attachment
  • New: Compatibility with the GeneratePress theme
  • Fix: Wrong percentage was showing on quiz results
  • Fix: Instructors couldn’t mark wrong answers for Open-Ended/Essay questions
  • Fix: Courses got published automatically
  • Fix: Deprecated unparenthesized method

Duplicate any Course in Tutor LMS

Duplicate any Course in Tutor LMS tutor lms

With the latest update now you can duplicate any course from the course list in the Tutor LMS dashboard menu. You will find a new duplicate option once you hover over the course. Just click on the duplicate option and the page will refresh to show the new copy of the course along with its customization options.

Instructor Signature on the Certificate

Instructor Signature on the Certificate tutor lms

Now your LMS platform’s students will be able to get a certificate with their instructor’s signature on it. All you need to do is upload a copy of the signature from the certificate settings of Tutor LMS. You can learn more about the Certificate add-on from here.

Set Commission Per Instructor

Set Commission Per Instructor

With today’s update, we are adding a heavily requested feature. Now you will be able to set each instructor’s individual commission rate separately for a multi-instructor course. It will make sure that the instructors are given their fair share for the course they are teaching. You will find this setting from the WordPress Users configuration.

Miscellaneous Changes

Apart from the above-mentioned changes, there are also a few added things with today’s update. From now you can enable/disable certificate for a particular course, enable/disable Q&A for a specific course, and choose to force download for a course attachment for your students. There are also several other fixes and improvements made to the latest version.

Update You Favorite LMS Plugin Today

Update today to the latest version of the Tutor LMS plugin to get all this fresh stuff. We are working hard to bring you new enhancements regularly. So stay tuned on our blogs for future updates. And if you have any queries please comment down below.

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