Tutor v1.7.7 Reinforces Security, Adds Styling Options, and Expands Translation Support

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Hello Tutor LMS users! Hope you’re having an amazing holiday season. During the last couple of days of 2020, we’re here to bring you another update for Tutor LMS fresh out of the oven. 

So let’s take a look at the changelog to see the new improvements!


  • New: More options to control button colors in login, registration, and enrolment
  • Update: Enhanced security features in Gradebook and other necessary places. Thanks Wordfence!
  • Update: Translation support for several of static strings added
  • Fix: Fatal error on course archive and shortcode page for misconfigured monetization settings
  • Fix: Auto-save email notification issue on frontend course builder
  • Fix: Lesson preview access issue for admins

What’s New

With this update, we’ve added the ability to control colors for the login, registration, and enrolment buttons. This will help you create a more customized experience for your students and instructors. You can find these settings by navigating to the admin dashboard > Tutor LMS > Settings > Styles.

Tutor v1.7.7 Reinforces Security, Adds Styling Options, and Expands Translation Support

We’ve also worked on a report by Wordfence this week to improve our backend security features. Thank you Wordfence, for helping us keep our users’ websites safe from malicious attacks!

This update is important for multilingual users as well!

It adds support for the translation of several strings. You’ll be glad to know that Tutor LMS is now available in 20 languages!

Wrapping Up

More likely than not, this will be the last update to Tutor LMS for the year of 2020. We’re extremely proud of how much growth Tutor LMS has had over this year of unpredictability. The growth of the eLearning industry and Tutor LMS is almost like a silver lining to the raging pandemic. To all the users that have stuck with us through these times, thank you for your support and we hope we can keep your standards in the years to come. 

As always, if you’ve got questions to ask, or feedback about anything Tutor LMS, do let us know in the comments; we’re all ears!

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