When the campaign owners make any withdraw request. The list will be shown here. Site owners will have the option to perform action for those transactions.

To access withdraw settings follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate WordPress Dashboard
  2. Crowdfunding
  3. Select “Withdraw”
  4. Choose transaction action for the withdrawal request.

When you go to the Withdraw dashboard, you can view all the details of every single withdraw request.
There are 8 fields that you can see on the dashboard:

  • ID: You can set an ID number for a specific campaign or campaign user.
  • Title: The title of the campaign is the name of the title. This shows the title of the campaign whose user is requesting for a withdrawal. Setting a title helps easily to sort out a campaign from the list.
  • User: This shows the user information who has requested for a withdrawal.
  • Amount: User list the withdraw amount here.
  • Fund Raised: It shows the figure as a percentage of the total funds raised by the user.
  • Fund Goal: You can view the total funds that the campaign owners wants to achieve in this setting.
  • Campaign type: The campaign type shows the setting that was initially set by the owner.
  • Action: The site owner can easily dictate how to go about a withdraw request from here. The native wallet settings must be activate to take these actions. The site owner can send or view withdraw message from user or set the withdraw status like “Pending”/ “Approve”/”Declined”/”Paid”.