Use these settings for the Frontend which contains the dashboard to get all campaign summary, user profile information, all campaign details and the rewards information.

This tutorial includes:

  • How to overview all campaigns?
  • View campaign performance over a specific time
  • View all campaigns
  • Balance: Select the “Add Balance” option to insert the balance. You can also enter the deposit amount in this section.
  • Profile information: insert and update your information
  • Add new campaign information
  • Show rewards for campaigns


Using the Dashboard:

How to overview all the campaigns?

Select Dashboard: This will show a campaign performance summary.

How to view campaign performance over a specific time?

  1. Select Dashboard
  2. Go the summary line that says summary (refer to above image)
  3. There are two slots to enter start and end date on the right hand corner
  4. Click on search after you insert the dates
  5. You will get a view of campaign over that time period

How to view all campaigns?

  1. Select dashboard
  2. Left hand corner shows all campaigns (as shown in the above image)

(This also includes backed campaigns, pledges received and bookmarked campaigns. )

How to insert and update your information?

  1. Select Dashboard
  2. The right bottom corner with the heading ‘My Information’ is used for recording all your information
  3. Insert all your information (Username, First name, mail, etc.)
  4. Select “My Information” each time you want to Edit and Update information.

How to add a new campaign?

  1. Select on the “Add New” option
  2. (Optional) Include YouTube link for videos.
  3. You can show the backed amount contributors on campaign page through contributor’s table.
  4. You can hide the contributors name from the list and just show the amount.

How to show Rewards in campaign single page?

The dashboard allows users to show fixed rewards ranges. Since Rewards are what motivates a lot of users to keep coming back, WP Crowdfunding plugin helps achieve that target. Below is an example of how users can show rewards.