The site admin can use the general settings tab to make decisions on how to dictate the campaign. The general tab lets admin set targets, pricing, campaign status, select fund manager options, user roles and much more to ensure a fully functional campaign.

The general settings tab can be accessed by the site admin to make all desired changes. Here is a description on how to enable/disable settings from the “General Settings” tab for the necessary changes required to run all campaigns on your site.

How to access General Settings in WP Crowdfunding plugin?

  • Navigate to Crowdfunding and click to access the General Settings tab. (Refer to the above image)

How to select a system for receiving and managing funds?

  • Select Fund Manager in the General Tab to choose your preferred setting.

Recommended setting is Woocommerce since the WP Crowdfunding plugin is Woocommerce based.

How to publish a campaign immediately or keep it for admin approval?

  • Default Campaign Status: The default campaign status is to immediately publish. If that’s what you want, you can just skip this step.

If you want to set to admin approval:

Step 1: Select “Drafts” or “Pending Review”.
Step 2: Navigate to Products

Step 3: Click on “All Products to find the campaign for reviewing”.

How to set a minimum and maximum budget for users?

  • Select Enable Minimum Price and insert a minimum amount to be shown to users in the campaign submission form.
  •  Select Enable Maximum Price and insert a maximum amount to be shown to users in the campaign submission form.

How to set a fixed budget in the submission form?

  • Select Enable Recommended Price and insert to show a specific amount in the submission form.

These four options help to choose how to run a campaign with respect to date and goal:

  • Show Target Goal: Select this option to show the target goal for a campaign.
  • Show Target Date: Select this option to show the campaign’s target date.
  • Show Target Goal & Date: Select this to show both the target goal and date.
  • Show Campaign Never End: Select this for campaigns that are always ongoing and have no end date.

How to select a Dashboard page?

Select Dashboard Page from the General Tab.

  1. Click to select a page for Dashboard.
  2. If you do not to select it, you will have a default CF dashboard page that comes with the plugin.

How to select a Campaign Submission form?

Select Campaign Submit Form from the General Tab.

  1. Click to select a specific WooCommerce campaign submission form page.
  2. If you do not to select it, you will have a default CF campaign submission form that comes with WP Crowdfunding plugin.

What pages can you find in your Crowdfunding website?

4 Predefined Pages: WP Crowdfunding plugin comes with 4 predefined pages.

CF campaign form: To create a new campaign.

CF dashboard:  To monitor a campaign from the dashboard.

CF listing page: To show all campaign in a single page.

CF user registration: Basic User registration page.

How to select user roles/permissions to create a campaign?

Select Content Creator from the multi-select menu for the site admin to select user role. Define who can create a new campaign. So you can choose a lot of user roles for the campaign.


To select multiple roles:

Windows: Hold Ctrl and choose user roles from select boxes.

Mac: Hold Cmd and choose user roles from select boxes.

How to set a Redirect URL after User Registration?

  1. Go to “Redirect URL for User Registration Success” in the General Tab.
  2. Provide a specific URL where users will be redirected to after registration.