WP Crowdfunding Plugin comes in two versions: Free and Paid. Here’s a complete guide on how to download and install both versions to create your crowdfunding site.

This tutorial includes

Crowdfunding website using WP Crowdfunding plugin:

  • What are the minimum system requirements to install WP Crowdfunding plugin?
  • Installing the free version
  • Installing the paid version

What are the minimum system requirements to install WP Crowdfunding plugin?

  • WooCommerce version minimum: 3.0
  • WordPress version minimum: 4.0
  • PHP version minimum 5.6
  • TLS version minimum: 1.2 (It’s only needed for Paypal Adaptive Payment)
  • HTTP version minimum: 1.1(It’s only needed for Paypal Adaptive Payment)

WP Crowdfunding Plugin is always compatible with the latest versions of all the above system requirements.

Installing the free version

  1. Open the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to plugins> Add New
  3. Search for WP Crowdfunding plugin
  4. Select “Install Now” and activate the plugin.


Installing the Paid Version

Create an account at Themeum to purchase the WP Crowdfunding plugin. After purchasing, navigate to “My Accounts”. You will get a zip file. To use the WP Crowdfunding plugin you’ll need a license key along with your zip file.

How to get your license key?

You can easily get your license key from your Themeum account.

1. Login to your Themeum account.
2. Select “Dashboard”
3. Right below WP crowdfunding plugin, you’ll get your license key.

Follow these steps to install the paid version of WP Crowdfunding plugin.

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard.
  2.  Navigate to Plugins> Add New
  3. On the top right side, Click on “Upload Plugin”
  4. Browse and upload the WP Crowdfunding plugin zip file or Drag and Drop the zip file in the upload form.
  5. Click on “Install Now” to install
  6. Navigate to Crowdfunding> License Page and enter the license key in the empty text box and select with “Connect with License Key.”