WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a WordPress plugin that helps you to create a fundraising or a backer site with WordPress. This plugin is powered by WooCommerce. It has a native wallet system for accepting local payments. WP Crowdfunding has the facility to split the money through PayPal adaptive or Stripe Connect. WP Crowdfunding gives you a theme completely free with its package. It is a full fledged crowdfunding system.

Quick Guide

These are the list of steps you need to perform to install and use WP Crowdfunding plugin and start your own fundraiser site. This basic quick guide is a quick list of all you need to do to start using the plugin. Go to our detailed tutorials (insert link) to get the step-by-step guide on how to use each feature.

Installing Free WP Crowdfunding Plugin

  • Install WordPress
  • Go To WordPress dashboard and navigate to plugin and add WP Crowdfunding Plugin
  • Install and Activate WP Crowdfunding Plugin
  • Install Woocommerce (if not already installed)

Installing Paid WP Crowdfunding Plugin

  • Install WordPress
  • Purchase the Crowdfunding plugin to get a zip file and license key
  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin> Browse and Upload/Drag and drop WP crowdfunding zip file
  • Install and activate plugin
  • Navigate to Crowdfunding> Connect with License key

To get the best of WP Crowdfunding plugin, read the documentations and follow these tutorials to create an extremely efficient website.