Using this option helps site admin to select how to distribute funds among various PayPal account holders easily.

To access the PayPal Adaptive Settings:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard> WooCommerce> Settings> Checkout.
  2. Click on the “Paypal Adaptive Payment” option.

The admin can add the PayPal details of two recipients. Moreover, the site admin can also choose the percentage commission that each person receives. In that case the funds will be divided in 3 portions. If only a single recipient is chosen, then the fund will be divided into two parts according to the percentage set by the admin.

Follow these options to configure the PayPal Adaptive Payment system:

Enable Paypal Adaptive Payment: Mandatory to select to enable PayPal Adaptive option.

Enable Paypal Sandbox mode: Select this to enable PayPal Sandbox mode. To know more about PayPal sandbox, click here.

PayPal Payment Receiver Email: Enter the first receiver’s PayPal email address.

Enable Paypal Second Receiver: (Select only if there is a second recipient) Select to enable PayPal options for a second member.

Second Receiver PayPal Email: Enter the PayPal email for the second receiver PayPal email.

Payment Mode: Select whether to have a Parallel or Chained payment method. This is how the parallel and chained payment method works:

  1. Parallel: The amounts are distributed directly to each recipient.
  2. Chained: The transaction amount goes to a primary sender account and then to each receiver.

    API User ID: Enter the API user ID here.
    API Password: Enter the API password here.
    API Signature: Enter API signature.

Descriptions and Instruction: You can enter texts to guide users by providing instructions and description. This will appear on “Thank you” page after successful payment.