The WP Crowdfunding plugin is translation ready and can be translated to any desired language. The default language for the plugin is English.

  • This tutorial includes:
    6 simple steps to translate the WP Crowdfunding plugin to any desired language.

Follow these easy steps to translate the plugin easily:

  1.  Download and install the Poedit software.Download link:
  2. Go to this directory/path:‘…./wp-content/plugins/wp-crowdfunding/language/wp-crowdfunding.pot’
  3. Copy “wp-crowdfunding.pot” file from the above mentioned folder.
  4. Open af.po file with the Poedit software to edit strings.

  5. Edit the .pot file and save it to get two files (.po and .mo).
  6. Go to WordPress Dashboard> Settings> General and Save changes.