Style single page from a variety of options in the style settings. The “Custom CSS” option can be used to enter CSS codes for adding unique styles.

This tutorial includes:

  • Changing color scheme, background, background hover and button color.
  • Entering custom CSS.

The Style setting lets you customize the campaign page using the following options:

  • Enable Color Styling: Select this to create a custom color scheme for the layout. 
  • Enable Color Scheme: Move the color cursor or enter a unique color for the plugins to display on your single campaign page.
  • Button Background Color: Similary, choose the custom color you want for the background of the button.
  • Button Background Hover Color: Select this to set the custom color for the button hover color.
  • Button Text Color: This dictates the text color on the button.
  • Custom CSS: Enter the custom CSS in the provided text box.

Styling your page is important as viewers will get more attracted to the campaign if it looks appealing. So try to use the style settings to make the most of your campaign page.