Wallet settings help to split campaign earnings. You can enable the native wallet system (paypal adaptive and stripe will not work if enabled), and set withdraw type, receiver percent, and withdrawal amount.

The following functions are available with the Wallet addon in WP Crowdfunding Plugin:

Enable Wallet: Select this to enable the Native Wallet system. Enabling this means PayPal adaptive and Stripe connect will not work.

Do not click the check box if you want the Paypal adaptive and Stripe connect to be in use.

Withdraw Type: There are three options on how users can withdraw money after they send a request for payment to the site admin. Click on the option that you prefer.

  • Anytime can be withdraw: The user can withdraw money at any times
  • After a certain period: You can select a specific time after which the user can withdraw money.
  • After project complete: Enabling this means users can only withdraw money after project completion.

Receiver Percent: Select the amount of percentage of the earnings you want the campaign owner to receive. You will receive the rest of the amount.

Minimum withdraw amount: Enable this to select the minimum amount required to earn. After reaching this amount, they can make a request for withdrawal.