Customize Woocommerce to enable/disable hiding campaign from shop page and hiding billing address from the Checkout page. Listing page and registration page settings help to further organize the fundraiser website. Besides you can select Form page settings, tax settings, and much more.

This tutorial includes:

  • How to access WooCommerce settings?
  • Hide Crowdfunding campaign
  • Hide billing address from the Checkout page
  • Ways to show campaigns/products in listing pages
  • Separate Crowdfunding Categories
  • Selecting Registration Page
  • Submit Form Customization
  • Customize Listing Page
  • Customize Single Page Campaigns
  • Tax Settings

How to access the Woocommerce settings tab?

  1. Navigate to Crowdfunding in the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Select Woocommerce settings (right next to the general setting tab).

How to hide the Crowdfunding campaign?

  • Select “Hide Crowdfunding Campaign from Shop page” option. Enabling this will hide your campaigns from that page.

How to separate Crowdfunding categories from others?

  • Go under Category Settings in WooCommerce Settings. Enable “Separate Crowdfunding Categories”.

How to Hide Billing Address from Checkout Page?

  • Select “Hide Billing Address from Checkout Page” to enable hiding billing address from Checkout Page.

How to show products/campaigns in listing page?

  • Select Listing Page: This page is used to list all products/ campaigns. There are two options:

Option 1 (Recommended): Keep the default “CF listing Page”.

Option 2: Create a listing page by selecting “Listing Shortcode” and choosing that page from a drop-down list.

How to Select Registration Page?

Select Registration Page: Select Registration page from the drop-down list. There are two options:

Option 1 (recommended): Keep the default “CF Registration Page”

Option 2: Create a registration page from “Registration Shortcode” and select that page from the drop-down list.

The Submit form texts are in this portion of Woocommerce settings. Use these options to change submission form settings:

  • Submit Form Requirement Title: Create Title for Terms and conditions.
  • Submit Form Requirement Text: Description of terms and conditions.
  • Submit Form Agreement Title: The checkmark box where users click to agree to terms and conditions. You can change it from the default text.
    ( Default text: “I agree with the terms and conditions.”)
  • Redirect after Back This Campaign Button submit: Use this to refer users to a “Cart Page” or “Checkout Page” after clicking on the “Donate” button.

Recommended setting: “Checkout Page”

Listing Page Settings

Number of columns in a row: Select to choose the number of columns for a listing page.

Number of words: Select the word limit you want for list descriptions.

Single Page Settings

Load single campaign template: Select to change single page design.

Default: “In WP Crowdfunding own template”.

For customization: Change WooCommerce template and select “In WooCommerce Default”

Rewards design in single page: Choose between two design templates. Select 1 or 2 to choose your desired one.

Rewards show fixed design, not range: Enable if you want to show a fixed reward instead of a range.

Tax Settings

Enable this to add taxes to the donation amount. The tax amount will be shown and added on the check out page.

To enable tax settings: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Enable Taxes (A “Tax” tab will appear)

Pay Full to Owner Settings: Click on the box to allow 100% amount to be given to the campaign owner. Only applicable for Paypal Standard.

Select Theme for single and listing pages: Choose this option to select themes (if you have it installed in your site.)